The 12 Step EdTech Roadmap

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An opportunity for innovation exists every time a student asks to do something outside of the ordinary curriculum structure without understanding the approach he or she might need to take, what equipment they should have access to or what skills they may need.

What if educators were equipped to say YES to this type of request more often than not? The power of this concept is actually the key to most innovations; however in education there has been a general trend for educators to have to say no, not necessarily because of lack of will on the educators’ part but because of the Implementation Ability of the organization.

Despite this, sometimes the incredible happens. Sometimes the right conditions come together and something different is created. A teacher says YES and leaves it up to the student to figure it out. Sometimes the student goes the distance and actually pulls it off.

At that point Innovation is born from the curriculum. This is what Mike Pelletier, Vice President of the Nobel Education Network, has termed the Flexible Curriculum and it is something we need for 22nd Century Education.

In order to explain the power of using the Implementation Ability approach and the Flexible Curriculum concept, Mike Pelletier, who will be joining us to speak at EduTECH Asia from 9th-10th November in Singapore, has come up with a 12 Step EdTech Roadmap.

These steps include:

1) Why Toolishness is Foolishness
2) Understand your Implementation Ability
3) Adopt standards such as the ISTE Essential Conditions Rubric
4) Consider the Concerns Based Approach Model for Large Scale Implementation
5) Combine step 3 and 4 along with The Implementation Bridge Model
6) Adopt an Integration Model such as SAMR
7) Invest in People, and Teach them how to Research and Develop
8) Customise Learning Standards/Models to Match your Culture
9) Flip your IT Department
10) Understand Change Facilitator Styles and how to Ignite your Change Agents
11) Strengthen your One to World Programme
12) 5 Rs – Reflect, Resaerch, Re-Plan, React and Redevelop

To read the full EdTech Roadmap report click through here

At EduTECH Asia Mike will be picking out one of these themes and providing attendees with an exclusive deep dive. To register your pass to attend head to our website.

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