The "A" team at KAS Taiwan

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The new KAS campus boasts state of the art technology infrastructures designed to suit the needs of the students and the staff – with the ability to support a 1-to-1 environment where every student is provided with a laptop. It’s a setup that enables active learning, equipping its community with the technical and infrastructural support systems to achieve more. Most of all, this setup effectively aligns with the school’s dream of growing an educational community that is open and engaged.


The new KAS campus

Today the vision of any school is to be ahead of the curve in providing outstanding learning opportunities, building infrastructure to support new technologies and at the same time drive its students to become world citizens by developing their skills for the future.

And all this is not possible without an inspiring team which pushes boundaries to innovate and lead change.

At KAS this is driven by a blended IT and Learning Technology operations team.

The “A” Team at KAS

When the school plan was drafted, the small IT department went without an office in the original designs. The question then was how can KAS create a technology support center that leads innovation and better suit the school’s needs.

Kaohsiung American School IT Department 2

KAS IT Department Robert and Lena

The needs of the IT department was unmet, and this was recognized as crucial. Unlike schools with large technology departments that separate IT and learning technology operations, KAS only retained a lean staff of three employees at the time. It was hypothesized that centralizing all tech-based learning within one hub would build continuity between the effective delivery of IT learning experiences, dedicated technical support, and the involvement of the rest of the school’s community.

Victor Boulanger, Director of Learning Technologies at KAS is one of the key persons in making this project successful.

Needless to say, for any effective high performing  team, it is imperative that the leader  is viewed as a change agent and to highlight this Victor joins us at EduTECH Asia, to share insights on  – Why IT leaders must approach their department as a business and not a cost center.

It’ll be an exciting conference – be sure you do not miss out!

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