Want to be an awesome Ed-Tech Coach?

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Tech Coach: your skills and experience alone are not enough to be Awesome. I am currently a technology coach at Singapore American School and I work with elementary school teachers, counsellors and leaders. In many schools, both my previous and current schools included, there are thinkers imagining the future role for the Technology Coach. It all made sense back when …


Measuring student success (Part 2)

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Measuring student success is complex and needs to be done with precision. While standardised testing has its supporters, it is perhaps not the only way of measuring student success. With continued focus on overall student development today, how can important attributes such as creativity and critical thinking skills be analysed? What are the means to providing a complete picture of student  achievement? – …

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What makes a good teacher?

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For teachers, teaching young people can be a fulfilling, yet a demanding job. Today, as 21st century educators, a combination of specific skills, knowledge and experiences are required to excel in the profession. In this interview our speaker Jacques du Toit shares his views on what skills, knowledge and experiences are needed to be ahead of the curve. 1) Tell …


Measuring student success

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“I believe that a basket of metrics is needed to gain a fuller understanding of what a student is capable of both academically and social/emotionally. We will continue to use standardised testing because no other evaluation can be so consistently applied. It will continue to be an imperfect gauge of academic ability, but all practical measures have weaknesses. By including …


Case Study (contd): Individualising learning through inclusion

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Educators have long been intrigued by the prospect of individualising learning, and the emergence of new classes of technology have expanded the practical possibilities. Last month we caught up with Kasson Bratton, Head of Middle school at Nanjing International, China who shared with us interesting insights on how NIS is driving individualised learning together with inclusion. This is the second part of the interview …