Adopting design thinking

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In 2012, the faculty and staff at ASIJ began integrating elements of design thinking into their curriculum, supporting the vision laid out in their strategic objectives. Since then, design thinking has been integrated into the curriculum of every division and has played a major role in campus architecture. Paul, a creative thinker and an innovator shares how ASIJ has succeeded …


5 reasons to be optimistic about Filipino education

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Three months on from the general election and the triumphant start to the Duterte Administration, some of the core governmental priorities for the coming years are starting the become apparent. As the dust settles it is evident that education is front of mind both for the new President and his highly experienced Education Secretary Leonor Briones, with education a core pillar …


Announcing EduTECH Philippines

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From the recent roll-out of K to 12 education, to the encouragingly positive changes coming from Patricia Licuanan and the rest of the team at the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), it is clear that education in the Philippines is undergoing a period of significant improvement. Given that Filipino GDP growth outstripped even China this year, and that the last …

Global challenges in teacher supply

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Crisis or no crisis – the stories about challenges in teacher supply just don’t go away. This is in-fact a global issue today. It is still a reality that where you are born and who you are taught by will be a significant factor in determining your future life chances. Equally it is an often repeated (although questionable) adage that  “the …

Reinventing Leadership in Higher Education

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Leadership in higher education is multidimensional and complex, requiring a meticulous and systematic approach.  To stay competitive and to thrive in the current higher education landscape, it is critical that college and university leaders prioritize, focus, and evolve their operations and their offerings. In this blog, Rab Paterson shares insights on the challenges and skills required in effectively leading higher education.   …

INFOGRAPHIC: Why should Asia’s education market be your top priority?

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With a combined population of 600 million and an annual economic growth rate of 5-6%, the South-East Asia is a hot house when it comes to education investments. Whilst governments and institutions of countries all over the world are attempting global approaches to education, many Asian countries have effectively transformed these goals into policy and established themselves as centres of …