Exploring new modes of learning and teaching in higher education

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The online and open education world is changing how education is resourced, delivered and taken up.  The time has come to re-imagine and modernise higher education, but how many universities are ready for this change? And how can you make sure your institution is ready?

At EduTECH Asia we’re bringing together a series of leading experts to offer practical perspectives on the possibilities for reimagining higher education. Here we highlight four of our favourites:


Dr. David Spendlove, Head of Initial Teacher Education, Executive Director of Teach First NW, Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester

Exploring Thirdspace: how to foster next generation teaching competencies in HE
Since moving to higher education, David’s work has been focused on policy, practice and publications in a variety of areas including teacher education, technology education and creative and design education. Based on his recent research, David points out that there is likely a global shortfall of five million teachers, a critical challenge for higher education leaders. In his talk, David will be sharing insights on a new concept called “Thirdspace” and how it can help foster next generation teaching competencies in higher education.





Ken Ross, Managing Director, Minerva Projects

Re-Imagining university for the 21st century
Throughout its history, higher education is known to have evolved very little and to thrive on relatively small changes. But here is one university that’s gone beyond the norm and disrupted the concept of traditional higher education delivery.  Joining us is Kenn Ross, Managing Director, Asia for the Minerva Schools at KGI, a reimagined university experience for students that has been lauded as a true disrupter in the education world. Ken will be sharing an in-depth case study on how can universities be disruptive in this competing global space and still be successful.



Lim Chee Leong, Associate Director, e-Learning Academy

What has been the knock-on impact of MOOC’s on learning models and pathways
As one of Malaysia’s oldest, most successful private education institutions, Taylor’s University is at the top of its game, offering a comprehensive range of courses at all levels, from award winning programmes to globally recognised degrees, all in a distinctive online learning environment. Sharing more about this distinctive MOOC platform is Chee Leong, who has been the key person in leading this project and is also the first notable person from a private university to get the National Academic Award in 2014 for his innovative teaching methodologies.




Dr. David Santandreu Calonge, Manager, Educational Design and Development, University of Adelaide

Plotting the long term future of online enabled learning in Higher Education
As higher education institutions continue to embrace and debate online learning, it is important to think about where we are headed. What might the next generation of online learning environments look like? What technological and pedagogical advantages will they offer? To provide a glimpse of the future pedagogical and technological possibilities David, joins us from Australia, to share more about the possibilities with online teaching and learning, and what we can expect in the future.




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