Creating Meaningful Outcomes for Every Student

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Modern education has come a long way in the 21st century. HP believes that everyone has the right to quality education. One in which students and teachers can create deeply individualised and connected learning experiences at any time and from anywhere, in the classroom or not. It is by evolving the way we empower teachers to differentiate instruction that every student has a chance to learn in their own individual way.

Total Access + True Learning = Meaningful Outcomes

We understand students engage and succeed when their education is as unique as they are: flexible and personalised to their individual learning needs. Our education solutions offer students everywhere access to the content and curricula they need to enable true learning, delivering meaningful outcomes for themselves and their communities.

Total Access

In order to flourish as effective citizens in the 21st century, we need to ensure students have access to the best of today’s educational resources so that they can develop the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in tomorrow’s global economy.

True Learning

We don’t just hand out gadgets. We turn the devices students use into powerful instruments of learning. When students have the right tools, they can make almost anything possible. With HP Education Solutions, everyone is empowered to control their own learning experience. When content is personalised to the needs of the student, they become a more engaged and effective learner.

Meaningful Outcomes

While it is important to give students every chance to make the most of their future, it is important that we ensure the tools we have given them are working.

  • Learning Outcomes
    There is a big difference between learning in school and simply showing up. With the right devices and assessment tools, educators can ensure that students aren’t just being exposed to learning material but are gaining the skills and knowledge they need from it.
  • Social Outcomes
    Kids who are more engaged in school can become more active, empathetic and globally aware citizens, leading to participation in their communities and beyond.
  • Economic Outcomes
    Technology in the classroom helps students develop skills that are in demand. By empowering the younger generation with the knowledge they need, countries can become more advanced and competitive.

The value of blended learning is combining the best of classroom learning with deep engagement, enabling teachers to bring the world to their classrooms. And students can take the classroom into the world, bringing content and information wherever they go.

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HP is proud to be the Title Sponsor at EduTECH Asia 2016, running from 9-10 November at Suntec Convention Centre.

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