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Current learners, future skills: preparing for the 21st century workplace

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It is hard to imagine what skills our children will need when they eventually join the workforce in 15 or 20 years time. One thing is clear however, they will need to be more qualified, have more experience and be more technologically savvy than even today’s school leavers. In this increasingly global marketplace how can educators really ensure that students are leaving with the portfolio of skills they require to secure a job?

We spoke to Fr Aristotle C Dy, President at Xavier School about this current issue to hear how educators there are preparing their students for employment.

Can we really ensure that today’s students are prepared for their future workplace?

Due to rapid changes in technology, we cannot determine future skills requirements. New technologies can become obsolete in very short periods of time. What we can do is impart skills for lifelong learning; students can learn how to learn. Most of our students are digital natives, but they need guidance in using technology beyond games and other forms of recreation. They need training in the search for and analysis of information.

Do you believe giant leaps required or will the changes be incremental?

I believe the changes are incremental. Students become comfortable with technology from a young age and can learn in a developmental and age-appropriate way.

Can skills development be incorporated into the current curriculum?

Definitely. All 21st century schools should be able to incorporate technology in education within the curriculum.

What are the resource requirements?

The obvious requirements would be access to technology, to computers and the Internet at the very least. Clearly in many parts of the country connectivity is a major problem so permanent access to technology resources may not be possible. However, technology, innovative solutions, partnerships and the combined national desire to move forward will help to form the solution.

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