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There is nothing like a conference for gaining a wide range of inspiring, useful and provoking content in a short period of time. Nevertheless, there are some topics that deserve a more in-depth approach not possible within the traditional structure of a conference programme.

With this in mind we are excited to be able to announce that on 20th February, one day before the conference and exhibition open, we will be running five in-depth workshops. Over the course of a full day these workshops will tackle the following five key topics that have been requested by our community:

Blended learning workshop

The session provides a glimpse into the most effective Blended Learning strategies which can be applied directly into the classroom. Flipped Learning, Station Rotation, Learning Playlists and General Blended Learning Design will be discussed during the session along with some helpful tips on planning and some tips on effective technology application in the classroom will be provided.

Coding workshop

The workshop will let the participants explore the fundamentals of programming using one of the most popular programming language today – Python. It is designed to help people with little to no prior exposure to computer science or programming learn to think computationally and write programs to tackle useful problems. From the basic syntax to the more complex constructs, this workshop will provide the participants a brief introduction on the concept of computer science through coding.

Minecraft workshop

This workshop will cover a range of key Minecraft subject areas including gamification as a learning strategy, an introduction to Minecraft, integration of Minecraft in different subject areas, Minecraft in Education: The Barangay Minecraft Journey, basic Minecraft features and controls, as well as the chance to experience Barangay Minecraft, a performance task crafted by the presenters which was successfully integrated in their Computer and Science subjects and well-loved by their learners.

BYOD workshop

The workshop will explore a range of steps and strategies on implementing the Bring Your Own Device programme. Outcomes include learning about the BYOD program based on Xavier School’s experience, exploring the possibility of bringing the BYOD program to your school, plus financing, management & maintenance, manpower, training and support and other aspects to consider when planning the BYOD programme.

Entrepreneurship workshop

This workshop is a gathering of “entrepreneurship graduates and an aspiring one” who tell their stories on their transformational path they took after graduating from entrepreneurship.  It is is one attempt to validate that entrepreneurship can be “taught and caught and “ one can only give what one has. Likewise, the engagement provides two cents worth of practical and creative teaching and learning methods and approaches.

Book your place at one of these exciting workshops!

Running from 10am through to 4pm at SMX Convention Center, these sessions are designed to be in-depth, interactive and most of all, highly practical in focus. Attendees will walk away from the workshops with skills and strategies ready to be immediately applied to their institutions, as well as a clear pathway for further study.

Tickets to attend the workshop cost just USD$125, or attend the full three days of the event for as little as USD$300 if you attend as a group of three or more.

Places on each workshop are limited and are already running out, so book yours today to avoid disappointment!

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