Five new features for EduTECH Asia 2017

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Here at EduTECH Asia we take event feedback very seriously. At the end of the show we ask all attendees to fill in a quick survey, and then the whole team here goes through the responses with a fine tooth comb.

Based off these responses we put together the plan for the next year’s show, and it is from this essential feedback that we are excited to have already confirmed five new features for EduTECH Asia 2017!


1. New tracks

In 2016 we had three tracks of premium conference content for delegates to choose from: K-12 leaders, IT leaders and tertiary leaders. In 2017, we are thrilled to be offering eight full tracks of content. These tracks are:

  • K-12 Education
  • IT Transformation
  • Tertiary Education
  • Vocational Training (VET)
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Special Educational Needs (SEN)
  • Education Business Leaders
  • Policymaking for Education

So regardless of your role, you are going to find at least one track of content that’s perfectly suited to the job that you’re doing on a daily basis. Download our brochure

2. EduSLAM

Whilst we are firm believers in the value of programmed, carefully planned content, we are also aware that some of the best insights come from spontaneous conversations with peers. After all, who is better placed to solve your most pressing challenges than those going through those same problems themselves?

With this in mind we are going to be running a whole afternoon of EduSLAM on day two of the show. This will be an unconference in format, with attendees able to self-select from over 35 different job function specific groups, network ahead of the show and dive into key discussion areas on-site at the conference.

3. Workshop day

Last year we ran a track of workshops across both days of the conference and the sessions were a big hit, with content ranging from coding to mindmapping to flipped learning. This year we are dedicating a whole third day of the conference just to workshops, which will be both half day and full day in length. Topics set to be featured include:

  • Blended Learning Workshop
  • Gamification Workshop
  • Design Thinking Workshop
  • Coding Workshop
  • Robotics in Education Workshop
  • Flipped Classroom Workshop
  • Professional Development for Educators Workshop
  • Implementing Cloud Services Workshop
  • Change Management in Education Workshop
  • Cyber Security & Digital Citizenship Workshop

If you want to really get your teeth into a topic there really is no better format than a workshop.

4. Awards dinner

Much of the wonderful work that educators across Asia are doing on a daily basis goes unrecognised. Whilst we know that no one enters education as a career to see their name in lights, we want to take a few hours at EduTECH Asia to recognise some of the inspirational, innovative and successful stories from the last 12 months of Asian education.

With this in mind we are so excited for the very first annual EduTECH Asia Awards, which will take the form of a dinner party and awards ceremony in the evening of 8th November. Join us for an evening of glitz and glamour as we present awards for categories including:

  • K-12 principal of the year award
  • K-12 teacher of the year award
  • Tertiary leader of the year award
  • Tertiary educator of the year award
  • Edtech coach of the year award
  • Best use of in-class technology award
  • Vocational institution of the year award
  • Innovation in special needs education award
  • Innovation in early childhood education award
  • Best new Asian campus award
  • Education technology vendor of the year award
  • Asian edtech startup of the year award
  • Best individual contribution to education inclusion award

Send in your nominations here:

5. Twice as many roundtables

Our roundtable sessions were a big hit at EduTECH Asia 2016. They enabled participants to take what they had learned throughout the rest of the conference and discuss with colleagues and peers how they could apply that knowledge in a practical environment within their institutions.

In 2017 we are doubling down on roundtables, with delegates set to be able to select from over 40 different tables on topics including:

  • Practical tools to kickstart gamification implementation in the classroom
  • How to mitigate change fatigue amongst educators
  • A holistic approach to education IT infrastructure planning
  • Assessing the key attributes of successful 21st century tertiary leaders
  • Seamless, simple, streamlined: The IOT enabled campus of the future
  • Overcoming the challenge of testing and benchmarking in SEN
  • From doing to teaching: establishing VET teaching excellence
  • Assessing school security and crisis management strategies
  • Fostering internationalism through online global collaboration
  • Easing the pre-school to Kindergarten transition for children and parents

Find out more!

EduTECH Asia 2017 - Get Involved

Register you and your team to attend EduTECH Asia to benefit from all theses features and more! It’s going to be a packed three days of content, and we’d love for you to join us.

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