Education marketing: Life truths from "Inbound"

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The Internet is the greatest equaliser. We see startups challenging Goliaths, age-old content gatekeepers running out of business. The world that we knew 5 years ago has changed.

In the ‘new normal’, consumers do not need us anymore. The paradigm of ‘marketing’ has flipped on its head from being interruption based to permission based. What does this imply for brand owners in education? What is the power of ‘content’ and ‘storytelling’ in the marketing mix today? How do you build your content roadmap?

In this blog, Bipasha Minocha, Group Brand Director, EtonHouse International Education Group shares her insights on this topic.


I started my career as a digital marketer back in the day when most people were amused by anything digital. I dare say that we were considered the lesser souls, the ones who didn’t do the serious stuff. Professionally and in social circles, I was met by bemused traditional marketers who couldn’t understand what the fuss was about, why was everyone wasting their precious ‘real estate’ talking about a medium that most certainly would not work.

Well, I wouldn’t be so cocky as to say that we (our tribe of digital enthusiasts) are having the last laugh today. But it does feel good to see a generation of marketers, brand owners and advertisers genuinely enthusiastic about the internet. This absolutely honest, brutal and democratic medium vests power where it should belong. With. The. People.

As the world of digital and ‘not so new anymore’ media matures, we are moving towards communication that is bare bone honest and genuine. Consumers simply do not have the patience for anything short of genuine.

I am not sure about you, but I absolutely loathe ‘salespeople’ or anyone who can’t see beyond themselves and the brands they represent. They seem to have an innate way of knowing exactly what you don’t need and do a fabulous job of shoving it in your face. And with re-marketing, they seem to be doing that with annoying regularity.

Imagine therefore my delight when I came across ‘inbound’ marketing that denounces the ‘interruption based’ ‘sales led’ communication philosophies and strings together elements of human nature to create a strategy that actually works!

Here are 4 life truths from inbound.

  1. It answers the question that every individual asks ‘What’s in it for me?’ ‘Does the message connect with me?’ ‘How will this help me?’ Isn’t that the genesis for every meaningful interaction? And yet when we talk about how fabulous we are, we very often forget to answer this question. Simon Sinek’s golden circle talks precisely about this-the ‘why’ first.
  2. No pain no gain – there are no quick fixes in inbound. The process of putting together best practice in inbound requires you to take a hard look at what you have been doing for years. Not only does it involve going back to the basics but also connects you with your ‘tribe’ and be meaningful to them at a level that no one else has.
  3. Honesty is the best policy – you can’t fool a consumer anymore. Your communication has to be honest, and genuine. There is no getting around that. On the flip side, it is both good and bad for us as marketers. The consequences of our campaigns are made brutally transparent. Data does not lie.
  4. Integrity pays off –don’t cheat when it comes to fulfilling a promise you have made, be it in the messaging of your content, the quality of your offer, in the interactions across the buying cycle or in the nurturing of leads. Stay true to your identity; refer to your vision in everything that you do because identity is the foundation of authentic living.

Marketing definitely makes more sense. We don’t have to get frazzled by technicalities around implementing digital campaigns, the ever changing algorithms in Google and FB, the glossary of terms in programmatic, or the complexity of big data. Sometimes, all you have to do is go back to the basics, the hard truths of life. That is what will separate you from mediocre marketing.

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