Thinking of flipping your class?

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As with any new fad or trend, there are plenty of people trying to use the flipped learning model to jump on the bandwagon without really understanding how to do it.

So once you’ve decided to flip your classroom…

… for a unit, a semester, or for good. Or maybe you’re considering it. In any case, what do you do with all that class time? What are the implications for teaching and learning?

In this post Amreet Kaur Jageer Singh, Tech Coach and Teacher at Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia discusses on how she conceptualises, designs and implements the flipped learning model in her classroom everyday.


My Diploma students aged 19 and over have problems in mastering grammar. They think that grammar is full of rules, confusing sometimes and it is a boring thing to learn. As we don’t have much class time, I decided to redesign the learning process by employing flipped classroom approach to my current ESL grammar classes. I prepared interactive video lectures (using with guided questions/worksheets, reflection questions and short quizzes based on the grammar topics listed in the semester plan.

In each video, I also included explanation about common mistakes made by students of all levels. Students gain first-exposure learning prior to class by watching the interactive video lectures at their own pace. They can play, stop, pause, fast forward and rewind the video lectures anywhere and anytime. If they have any questions while watching the interactive video lectures, they can always jot them down in their notebooks and we will discuss together in the class.

During class, I will normally begin with a debriefing session whereby I will guide my students in reflecting on their learning. The rest of the class time is then devoted to collaborative exercises, discussions, grammar games and assignments. The classroom activities (based on multimodal learning strategies and task-based learning approach) are integrated across all four skills. In addition, individual work, pair work and group work are carried out in the class so that the students can actively participate and use whatever they have learned in completing the tasks. Deeper learning through active participation and engagement allows my students to have a better understanding of basic English grammar rules and usage. To me, what is more important is the perfect combination of fun and meaningful learning.


My students seem to be excited to come to English Grammar class because of the fun-filled activities that make learning a joyful experience. Much to my surprise, they are always early to my class and ready for the lesson. Moreover, I found that they no longer have the fear of completing grammar exercises and getting to know the grammar rules better. If they have made mistakes, they will find out what the causes are and where they went wrong.

All these are associated with the social interactions, peer support and motivation gained during the collaborative activities and grammar games in class. It seems that students in groups learn from each other better than individuals. Furthermore, no more confusion about grammar aspects as I make the best of my class time to explain things clearly to my students. As for those who didn’t turn up to the class due to unforeseen circumstances, they can always watch the interactive video lectures at home and give their responses to the questions/quizzes. They won’t be left behind.

In short, flipped classroom approach places the responsibility for learning English Grammar on the shoulders of students while giving them greater motivation to experiment knowledge that they have grasped in various other tasks.

Amreet_SultanIdrisEducationAmreet Kaur Jageer Singh is a Tech Coach and Teacher at Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia. She is the Pearson ELT Teacher Award 2017 (People’s Choice) recipient for Asia and Oceania region. Her innovation in using Flipped Classroom with Gamification elements in her teaching and learning has earned her the international award. Amreet is the reviewer for several international journals including International Journal of E-Learning and Educational Technologies in the Digital Media (IJEETDM) and Journal of Computer Assisted Learning. She has experienced giving talks and workshops on EdTech tools and Flipped Classroom. Amreet is a lifelong learner who researches and employs the latest EdTech tools for flipped classroom because she believes in creating inclusive learning environments for all students.

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