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I’m always excited to meet educators who share the same passion as me – those who love playing and working with the full power of technology! I am always keen to learn & share my journey as teacher.  Here are the 10 takeaways from my EdTech journey.

1. Grow your Passion

The Journey of EdTecher-Unesa (13)

I remember when I graduated from Pelita Harapan University 6 years ago and as you know, when you  graduate, you come out with your idealism and the best passion. But as time goes by, the passion tends to get weaker by the year and then disappears.

While you’d think that happend to me, it actually did not! My passion infact grew by the day. Every Monday, I was challenged myself to find something new and exciting for my students. Everyday, I cultivate my passion as teacher and I am more curious to innovate.

Never underestimate the power of passion. It’s the power that boosts you to think and reach unlimited experience. It’s the thing that makes you do something more than a job. It makes you unstoppable to give meaning on what you are doing as teacher.

The Journey of EdTecher-Unesa

2. Reverse Assumption

My first year of teaching was far from perfect. It was messy and not easy. Mistakes, my weakness, and stressful moments came as things did not run as I expected. Things dint make sense and negative assumption were everywhere. But I keep challenging the norm. I keep thinking, acting, and moving in a different direction. I keep asking why things were changing. You know whats the reason behind this? because I love what I do – teach. I want to reverse the assumption of being teacher – that is something fixed, boring, and rigid. I think our profession is dynamic, energizing, and creative. It can definitely keep you young. ?

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3. Create Your PD (Professional Development)

Don’t wait for someone to do it for you. Don’t put your expectations on the government, your school or your colleagues. Create a PD that you deserve.  I still remember a line from one my favorite teachers: Jennie Magiera who says “Always challenge the status quo”. Coursera is a platform that I have used to my best for professional development. It has helped me keep myself updated with the latest development in the world of teaching and learning. It also certifies you for the course. I enrolled myself into many courses in education. My recommendation – Join the specialized program: Virtual Teacher Program & Foundation of Teaching Program  – This will definitely help you in shaping an excellent Professional Development that you deserve.

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4. Be a Role Model

As I learned a lot of digital technology in my own Professional Development (Coursera, Seminar, Workshop), I couldn’t wait to implement all that I learned in my class. But before you bring everything to the class, you need to be a strong role model and practice using the technology yourself. Start with setting examples of how digital technologies can benefit your day-to-day profession. Start simple by:

1. Writing a blog : In 2012, I started writing my blogs on : I try my best to be a consistent blogger. Usually, I post my teaching experiences, reflection, essay on coursera, valuable PD experiences, and life-sharing moments on my blog. So, in 5 years of writing a blog, what did I get? Limitless learning experiences: documentation, writing, organization, design, and sharing skills. Even though, at first, people laughed at me, said that i was wasting my time, all I can say: it’s one of the best hobbies that changed my life. You will see the real impact in the 8th point of this post.

2. Share your thoughts on social media : Use twitter, facebook, instagram, google+, and all possible social tools that can give you an opportunity to learn, share, inspire, and empower yourself and other people. Explore and use it innovatively.

3. Network with other educators: Believe it or not, I know some fantastic people who have the same passion as me through social media. I learn a lot from so many inspiring educators who are change makers in their own schools/ institutions. Social media also helps you connect with the most awesome content and opens up many opportunities.

All I can say is be role model to your community, use technology for innovating and trying new ideas of learning and sharing.

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5. Involve, Integrate, Inspire

After being an excellent role model, it’s time to bring your experience to your classroom. Involve your students to use technology for positive uses. Start simple. What I did was actually pretty simple. We did the common recycle & simulation project. The thing that makes it different is we involve students using simple camera to capture their works. With beautiful touch of photo editor, they edited the photos and uploaded their work on social media particularly YouTube and Twitter. Integrating technology in your lesson should be kept simple as technology is a tool, not a learning outcome. We don’t specifically learn how to edit photos in detail, but we want to inspire students to realize that technology can benefit them:

1. Document their work in a digital format – Go green.

2. Motivate them to bring out their best work – Their work is going to be seen by the world.

3. Inspire & Get inspired : Students could inspire fellow students and teachers too.  Learning becomes possible anywhere and anytime.  Additionally, they also get inspired from the other students/teachers who’ve seen their work and commented on their posts.

4. Innovate:  I initiated digital media club that help students to think BIGGER on how they can use social media. It’s an extracurricular program that challenges students to change the way they use social media.


The writer is Steven Sutantro, Apple Teacher. Google Certified Trainer & Google Certified Innovator, Sampoerna Academy. 

015D00000045MhUIAU_1496729619000Steven is passionate & dedicated teacher, trainer, community leader with a strong desire to empower students and educators to use various digital  technologies in education.  He specializes in managing professional development, curriculum, and community with excellent communication, writing, digital media skills for maximizing collaboration among group of students and teachers.

Steven will be joining us at EduTECH Asia on 8-10 November. He will be speaking on “Making of a Techentrepreneur”. He will also be leading a 2 hour workshop on the same topic.

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