80 edtech startups transforming Asian education

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EBook: One of the greatest pleasures running the EduTECH Asia event is the chance to discover and meet with some of the edtech businesses who are fundamentally transforming the fabric of education around the region.

With Asian edtech investment expected to reach $43 billion by 2020, this seemed like the ideal time to take a look at some of the early movers from around the region who are already making waves.

The progress of edtech, as expected, is progressing at different rates depending on where in Asia you look. In Asian giants China and India we are already seeing the emergence of unicorns in the likes of iTutorGroup, and a range of businesses with 100m+ valuations. Meanwhile in markets across Southeast Asia progress is slower, without being any less exciting to watch.

​We have put together a report to document some of the great edtech businesses from around the region. The eBook, which you can download here, is a compilation of 80 startups that caught our eye as part of our research for our annual EduTECH Asia conference.

We have selected 10 each from India, China, Singapore, Japan, Korea and Malaysia, as well as 5 each from Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam & Thailand to complete the list.

This was far from a scientific process, and I’d love to hear who would make your Asian edtech list. In the meantime I hope that you find it an interesting and useful read!

Once you’ve looked through the eBook, why not check out the rest of the EduTECH Asia website, and see how you and your organisation can get the most out of participating.

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