Ruckus Whitepaper: Energy Efficiency in Campus Networks

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During the industrial revolution and later, as the world became more dependent on machines to increase economic growth and prosperity, power consumption was not a major consideration; the main issue was the generation of sufficient power where it was needed.

With electrification came the ability to distribute large amounts of “clean” power to almost any location but that power was only clean at the point of consumption and little consideration was given to the resources consumed and pollution generated at the source. During the latter decades of the 20th century the Information Technology (IT) industry grew alongside traditional industries and has become one of the major consumers of electricity and in some areas, where large corporate offices and data centres are located, demand has increased exponentially. Despite increases in efficiency the growth of IT has meant that power consumption has significantly increased over several decades and the pressure to reduce electricity usage and adopt strategies that indirectly cut carbon emissions has never been greater.

The primary role of a campus network is to provide connectivity for devices at the edge of the network. Because unlike data centers it cannot be moved to locations where there is cheap renewable energy, it must remain close to the users it serves. As a result, an organization looking to reduce its carbon footprint and energy bills must consider the campus network as a primary target for savings.

As part of a complete green-IT strategy, organizations should look at the whole network—together with the connected devices—to determine which capabilities will provide the greatest returns. Such capabilities must be part of an integrated approach that encompasses not only the power consumption of individual components but also how to ensure that those components work in concert for optimal efficiency. Furthermore, the campus network should be considered part of an integrated in-building power distribution system that is optimized for the 21st-century
working environment.

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