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How the VIPKID online teacher, Teacher Elly, maximizes students engagement and keeps positive and high parent ratings

“ManyCam has helped me maintain a 100% positive rating and a very high rate of parent ratings. Parents often comment: “Teacher Elly’s computer is magic! My child loves to come to class!” – Teacher Elly

As an online teacher for one of the largest ESL online teaching companies in the world, Elise Neville, known as Teacher Elly, provides one-on-one, online language and content lessons to kids of all ages. With over 40,000 teachers and 300,000 students, VIPKID’s mission is to inspire and empower every child of the future through a better way of teaching a foreign language, encouraging curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity from their teachers and students.


Teacher Elly, like any online teacher out there, was faced with the challenge of delivering engaging and exciting lessons to help her students keep focused and learn the most. Many teachers opted to have physical props to keep the students engaged.  Though it works, she wanted to increase her flexibility and expand her resources to make sure she would get maximum engagement from her students.


To be able to maximize engagement, Teacher Elly noticed that she needed to create a connection with her students. After finding a few products online that could help her achieve what she wanted, she chose ManyCam because of its user-friendly interface and also it worked on different systems (Mac & Windows). ManyCam was the ideal solution to help her personalize her props and rewards according to her students’ preferences to create that connection. With ManyCam, Teacher Elly was able to achieve the flexibility that she needed and massively expand her resources.

“I love that ManyCam keeps my students excited and engaged in the lesson material! They are always eager to come to class and participate in the lesson I’ve prepared. I use ManyCam for digital rewards and screen sharing when I want to show my students pictures and videos of the topics they’re learning about.”

With the Chroma Key feature, she can change her background whenever she wants without leaving her office. With ManyCam, she can add any image as the background replacement. Her background choices vary around the themes of her lessons, which enhances her student’s learning experience.

Another feature that has had a significant impact on her lessons is screen sharing. According to Teacher Elly, with this feature, she’s able to share the rewards and teaching tools she creates on Google Slides with her students. ManyCam also allows her to create her own digital props, rewards and other teaching tools, which made her classes more fun and engaging.


With ManyCam, Teacher Elly has been achieving VIPKID’s mission of teaching English in a creative environment, while encouraging curiosity and getting maximum engagement. With her creativity and ManyCam’s tools, she has been maintaining a 100% positive rating and a very high parental rating on the VIPKID platform.

About ManyCam

ManyCam is a live video software that helps online teachers deliver engaging and creative online lessons, and is used by many top e-learning schools globally. With ManyCam, users can switch between images and multiple video sources, use Picture-in-Picture, record lessons, and change background and more. ManyCam can be connected to any online teaching and live streaming platforms as well as video calling apps to create a fantastic learning experience. Online teachers can achieve the ultimate student-teacher interaction with effects, folders, digital props, chroma key, masks, and text and draw.

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