The Power of Objective Data on Student Motivations and Perspectives

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Young people preparing for the marketplace of the 2020s will need more than just skills and a record of academic achievement. They need to know who they are, and what they could be bringing to the table in a wide range of settings.

After all, the job they thought they were preparing for, may no longer exist; the job they actually end up with, may not yet have been imagined.

Most of all, they – and you, as the institution preparing them for this journey into the unknown – need objective data about how, distinctly, they perceive and understand both the world and themselves; and about what motivates and engages them.

We know that our success and contribution in life and career are as much about who we are as they are about what we do. Employers and colleagues value and remember us, more for the kind of person we are, than for what we do (although that matters, too). Communication and relationship skills, awareness of self and others, ability to work with diverse groups of people and – especially – emotional intelligence are critical ‘assets’ for young people.

hoozyu provides students with accurate, time-stable and objective data with which to develop these professional ‘assets’.

Specifically, it equips them to understand and manage themselves; to check their alignment with what matters most to them; to explain themselves, accurately (one of the rarest of all interpersonal skills); to appreciate another person’s perspective, even when it differs from their own; and to understand and relate effectively to others.

Additionally a wealth of statistically derived career data helps them consider career options they may not have previously looked at, as well as helping them to identify potential blind spots which could hinder them if unchecked.

In our work with students across many nations and cultures, we have seen young people embrace this data and be positively changed by it. For some it is the start of their self awareness and self management journey. More mature young people have found their own point of engagement with hoozyu and been able to create value for themselves, by focussing on a specific concern or challenge.

One of the most fundamental impacts can be seen around self-efficacy. Research suggests that self-efficacy – the degree to which a person believes they can do something or not – is a good measure of the likelihood of their achieving goals, securing a desired job and of their confidence or otherwise in relationships, making choices and much more.

So here are the voices of a selection of students in Asia, some from quite challenging backgrounds. We have deliberately left their comments verbatim:

  • I learnt about where my trigger points are
  • Now that I am very aware, I have eased my stress behaviour by a huge amount
  • Talking more to my family
  • It has help me get to know more people easily
  • I am more proactive in asking question I am not sure of instead of keeping quiet
  • It helped me open up the door of choices for me
  • One has to know himself well before making decision regarding career. Motivation is different from potential/strength. Working with teams could be constructive.
  • Learn a better myself: knowing what I am presenting to others and what I really want.
  • Knowing what others, especially my friends, how to behave and what they need. How to work with different type of people.
  • Understand more about myself under stress. How team work can maximise creativity.
  • Importance of team work. Benefits of planning. Benefit of having a friend with a style that could complement you.
  • Working in team in an effective way could be really helpful. People in a same circle tend to have a lot of similarities. We should enjoy what we are doing.
  • Knowing the difference of usual and need/stress behavior.
  • Realize my blindspots
  • Understand my interests and focus
  • Know my personality
  • Understand the reasons for the different behaviours one appears to have
  • Know more about the things to consider in the career selection
  • Self-understanding, self-organizing, react to stress
  • I will be able to present myself better

Of course, being able to aggregate and group this individual data gives it a much longer reach. hoozyu is not just about self-efficacy and self-management for the individual student. As a non-exhaustive list, collective hoozyu data is also extremely useful in…

  • group formation (e.g. youth orgs, project teams)
  • addressing topics around identity, relationships, talent & career
  • equipping teachers/youth leaders with a powerful framework and foundation for supporting youth with their personal and career development
  • analysing fit between the education provided and its consumers (of interest to teacher / administrator /civil servant / politician)
  • adding explanatory and predictive power to analysis of key initiatives (admissions / engagement & retention /
  • performance / employability etc)
  • diagnosis of, and intervention planning for, youth-related issues (e.g. withdrawal from education, delinquency, unemployment)
  • future work-force planning (preview of the next 5 to 10 years of job-market entrants)

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