Authentic and Innovative Learning Intervention

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Dr. Rajaram is an experienced practitioner in management, an entrepreneur in learning innovations and organisational science and a research fellow who specializes in learning analytics and internationalization of business education. He is also a learning coach and consultant to large MNCs, SMEs, and Universities. He is a Course Director and Senior Lecturer with Nanyang Business School, where he lectures, leads a team of senior instructors and is responsible for the curriculum and learning design for management courses.

In this article, Dr. Rajaram has shared details of a unique In-Class Learning Support system for instructors to capture and monitor real-time individual contributions of students

Value-Proposition of “KUMALIVE” – In-Class Learning Support System

  • To monitor individual learners’ participation and contributions real-time in class
  • Able to access contributions real-time via assessment rubrics
  • Inclusion of data analytics which enables extraction of useful students’ performance information

Challenges Tackled 

  • Inability to monitor and access students’ individual participation and contribution objectively real-time in class
  • Increased confusion, time-consuming, exhausting and causing frustrations to instructors to remember the contributions by individual students

1. When the instructor and students log in to the online system, the instructor will appear on the left hand side and the learners’ profiles on the right

2. When the instructor clicks on the ‘Ask question’


3. Students respond to the question posed

4. Instructor performs a real-time grading on the response to the question posed with an easy, user-friendly and customised assessment rubrics

Feedback from Students 

Encourages Participation

  • “It makes class participation less intimidating than having to raise your hand in real life”
  • “Allow students who are more quiet a chance to speak”
  • “There is a confirmation that my participation is acknowledged”

Objective, Fair and Accurate Assesment 

  • “It is effective in the measurement of contributions and helps reduce selectivity”
  • “It provides a fair assessment”
  • “It is a fair and objective method”

Enhance Critical Thinking 

  • “Allows you to think on the spot even for a question, the topic you are not so clear about”
  • “By attentively listening to my classmates’ contributions, I began to carefully analyse my thoughts and perspectives”

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