Certif-ID at EduTECH Philippines 2020: Witness a Blockchain-Powered Platform Issuing Digital Certificates

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Certif-ID is infusing the power of blockchain across the education and professional sector – At EduTECH Philippines 2020, Certif-ID will demonstrate how educational institutions can issue digital certificates to their students and alumni network on a blockchain-powered platform.

Manila, Philippines. (February 19 – 20) – Certif-ID at EduTECH Philippines 2020 is set to showcase how educational institutions can issue blockchain-based digital certificates to their students.

Technology-led changes in the education industry have revolutionised the expectations of  students. They now want seamless institute-student digital experiences, such as mobile apps or digital credentials. But it is a challenge for educational institutes to digitise and meet student demands.

Certif-ID’s blockchain-powered platform is aimed at helping training and educational institutes. The platform is designed to optimise everything from certificate issuance to course management.

“Through Certif-ID, we are building an open and inclusive platform that harmonises educational standards and connects key stakeholders in the area of technical and professional skills – streamlining the entire education-recruitment process,” said Tim Miller Co-Founder, Certif-ID.

Blockchain-Powered Digital Certificate

On Certif-ID educational institutions can directly issue digital certificates into students’ profiles. A digital certificate has an unalterable link containing a graduate’s academic achievements and the corresponding credentials. It acts as a ‘Skills-ID,’ thereby, removing the possibility of counterfeiting or tampering.

Experts with digital certificates can effortlessly store and share them with recruiters. And, recruiters can verify it along with the candidate’s skillsets with just a few clicks.

Issuing blockchain-anchored certificates not only helps institutes to optimise their certification processes but also provides experts and recruiters with traceable qualification records. As digital certificates provide the ability to prove skills and achievements in a way employers can trust, students will have an added advantage.

In addition to issuing digital certificates, institutes can also connect with individuals looking to pick up new skills, list courses, and create and manage training batches.

Certif-ID brings trust and transparency to the education and professional landscape by enabling educational institutions to carry out administrative and certificate issuance processes on blockchain.

Putting the focus on trust, transparency and traceability, Certif-ID at EduTECH will display how higher education institutes can enhance the employability of graduates. Join us for an exclusive demo at Booth G08, SMX Convention Center, Manila between 19-20, February. Any training or educational institutes will be welcome to register on Certif-ID.

About Certif-ID
Certif-ID is a dedicated skills community. A blockchain-powered global networking platform for technical institutions, experts and recruiters. The platform enables technical training institutes to issue blockchain-anchored digital certificates and optimise their placement and certification processes. Members on the platform can plan their learning journeys, create profiles to showcase their skills and securely share their verified credentials with future employers. Employers can screen and source for experts based on competency, verify their digital records with a single click and reduce recruitment efforts. Connecting key stakeholders in the technical sector, Certif-ID focuses on bridging the skills gap between education and employment.

Cert-ID is an exhibitor of EduTECH Philippines 2020 and they will be exhibiting at stand G08, SMX Convention Center, Manila between 19-20, February. Admission to EduTECH Philippines 2020 is free. Get your free pass to join them now

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