EduTECH Virtual Asia

#EduTECHAsia goes virtual: The first virtual event for Asia educators

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There’s never been a better time for the EduTECH community to share and come together. We just can’t do that in person right now. So, in conjunction with our partners, we are bringing EduTECH to you virtually. Don’t worry the physical event will still take place in November in Singapore! Introducing EduTECH Asia Virtual Over four days from the 23rd June – 26th …

Integrating virtual reality into the curriculum

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Educators all over the globe have seen the incredible potential that virtual reality and 360-degree video possess to enhance pedagogy and stimulate the learning of our students. Often, it takes small pockets of innovative teachers to take the initial ‘leap’ and experiment with this new and alien technology. However, as I hope to show you, taking steps to integrate VR can be immensely rewarding and much less resource intensive than …

Embedding edtech in your teaching practice

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Nigel Smith, MD of Courses and Learning at FutureLearn, explains how teachers can bring online learning into the classroom Educators put great stock in learning, so the idea of continuous learning and professional development shouldn’t be a hard sell. ‘Live your brand’ as marketeers say. Yet while we’ve come a long way since chalk and blackboards — to the relief …

Are your library facilities letting your university down?

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James Breakell, UK Managing Director of leading library security provider, D-Tech International, looks at the impact library facilities have on a student’s choice of university and the technology available to set your library apart. The Student Experience Survey (2016), conducted by the Association of University Directors of Estates (AUDE), showed that nearly two-thirds of students listed the quality of a …

ManyCam Case Study – Online Teachers

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How the VIPKID online teacher, Teacher Elly, maximizes students engagement and keeps positive and high parent ratings “ManyCam has helped me maintain a 100% positive rating and a very high rate of parent ratings. Parents often comment: “Teacher Elly’s computer is magic! My child loves to come to class!” – Teacher Elly As an online teacher for one of the …

Jeanette Buckley

Building life skills in special needs students [VIDEO]

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In the special needs education, it is not just about teaching students one math skill or a linguistic skill, but rather to empower them to be flexible and use the individual skills innovatively and together with peers. And technology is helping to SEN educators and specialists do just that. At EduTECH Asia last November, we had the opportunity to chat with with …

How artificial intelligence is disrupting education

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AI in Education Education around the world is changing at an incredibly fast pace. Software and devices are as commonplace in classrooms and lecture theatres as whiteboards and overhead projectors once were. The new generation of student is born digital and they are fast adopters of new technologies. The revolution has begun. Education institutions globally are grappling with three big …


Ruckus Whitepaper – Transforming the Network with Ruckus Campus Fabric

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For the past two decades, campus network design has seen little innovation, as market leaders have promoted the status quo with no significant investments beyond incremental “speeds and feeds” enhancements. Years of incremental technology upgrades have turned traditional legacy campus networks, into a complex and fragmented patchwork of network devices. Campus networking has reached a point where traditional network architectures …


Ruckus Whitepaper: Energy Efficiency in Campus Networks

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INTRODUCTION During the industrial revolution and later, as the world became more dependent on machines to increase economic growth and prosperity, power consumption was not a major consideration; the main issue was the generation of sufficient power where it was needed. With electrification came the ability to distribute large amounts of “clean” power to almost any location but that power was …

Ruckus Whitepaper - 10 Myths on Wi-FI

Ruckus Whitepaper: 10 Myths about Wi-FI in Higher Education

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Students arriving on campus today have lived their entire lives as “digital natives.” Smartphones and social media providing information at their fingertips and instant contact with anyone, anywhere—this is the world they’ve always known. These students—and their parents—are often choosing your institution to be their home, not just their school. And they expect a true “home-away-from-home” experience, with constant connectivity …