Game-based learning

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More than 360 million unique viewers watched a League of Legends “Mid-Season-Invitational” match. That is about 3 times more than a superbowl and 10 times more than a NBA final. The question therefore that has arisen recently, can the rise of electronic gaming create a new forefront for the education sector? The History of Game-Based Learning Game-based learning is not …

Me3D Case Study: STEM Education: Benefits of 3D Printing in the Classroom

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While highly informative, the majority of information taught in STEM courses can be rather abstract and technical. Unfortunately, this means that a lot of students will find it boring, which can decrease student engagement. According to Shelley Wright, an educator and Ph.D. student, “Starting in grade 6, student engagement begins to plummet, until about grade 9, when it bottoms out …

ManyCam Case Study – Online Teachers

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How the VIPKID online teacher, Teacher Elly, maximizes students engagement and keeps positive and high parent ratings “ManyCam has helped me maintain a 100% positive rating and a very high rate of parent ratings. Parents often comment: “Teacher Elly’s computer is magic! My child loves to come to class!” – Teacher Elly As an online teacher for one of the …

ManyCam at EduTECH Asia 2018 Press Release

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ManyCam is excited to announce their attendance at the EduTECH Asia 2018, Asia’s largest education conference that brings together thousands of educators to discuss the impact of technology on the learning experience. The conference will be held in Singapore, at the Suntec Convention & Exhibition Centre, from October 8th to 10th. ManyCam will showcase how its software and latest updates …

Crestron Case Study – Singapore Institute of Management

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Challenge The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), a leading provider of a diverse range of education pathways and professional training, is home to about 20,000 students. With the sheer volume of classes conducted, SIM required an automation solution to simplify their AV, lighting and room booking systems as the institution wanted to streamline their operations team and increase productivity levels. As …

JoAn Radokovich

Encouraging educators to upskill with technology

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With technology playing an important role in the way we teach and learn, educators are opening up to the adoption of new education trends and technologies more than ever before. At EduTECH Asia last November, we had the opportunity to chat with with JoAn Radokovich, Principal, Primary School, Canadian International School about how they are keeping their faculty relevant and abreast with new …

Mary Cheriyan, Professional Teacher

Nurturing professional teachers [VIDEO]

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As role models for students, teachers need to have sound knowledge on their expertise and also be able to apply these knowledge in the various unique situations. More than just teaching the syllabus, a professional teacher should also be able to demonstrate how to enquire about information and how to collaborate with this information. At EduTECH Asia last November, we had the …

Jared Dunn

Collaborating with educators to meet changing education needs [VIDEO]

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Institutions across the world are looking to apply edtech more deeply and widely. In terms of educational materials, it is no longer just an “either or” between print and digital. And even within digital, there are many types of digital resources to choose from. At EduTECH Asia last November, we had the opportunity to chat with with Jared Dunn, Business Director, Higher …

Jeanette Buckley

Building life skills in special needs students [VIDEO]

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In the special needs education, it is not just about teaching students one math skill or a linguistic skill, but rather to empower them to be flexible and use the individual skills innovatively and together with peers. And technology is helping to SEN educators and specialists do just that. At EduTECH Asia last November, we had the opportunity to chat with with …