Developing an effective and consistent teacher coaching programme

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Implementing and developing an effective teacher coaching and mentoring programme in schools is crucial for the continuous professional development of teaching staff. Observation, feedback and one-to-one coaching provide genuinely personalised support and impressive results. However, implementing a comprehensive plan can be time-consuming and difficult to engineer around busy teaching schedules. We have been discussing this with Mr Jose Ramelle Javier, Grade School …


Excellence in education: the long road to success

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Achieving and maintaining excellence is surely the goal of every educator worldwide, but how do we define excellence and can it ever really be attained? We have been speaking to Dr Catherine Q Castañeda, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Adamson University about this and discussed the challenges, the opportunities and the role that technology can play in this quest for …


The coming impact of IT on education in India

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Here at EduTECH Asia we’re incredibly excited to see the impact that education technology, and IT more broadly, is having on the provision of quality, inclusive education around the region. Nowhere is this more true than in India. With a number of leading institutions, both K-12 and tertiary, set to join us from India in November at EduTECH Asia, we …

Exploring new modes of learning and teaching in higher education

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The online and open education world is changing how education is resourced, delivered and taken up.  The time has come to re-imagine and modernise higher education, but how many universities are ready for this change? And how can you make sure your institution is ready? At EduTECH Asia we’re bringing together a series of leading experts to offer practical perspectives on the possibilities …

Meet our top four inspiring keynote speakers

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Both creativity and critical thinking have been flagged as essential 21st century skills. But whilst it is vital that we prepare our young adults to excel within a 21st century workplace, how can we find innovative solutions to make sure technology enables 21st century skills without shackling teachers? Meet our inspiring keynote speakers who are leading innovation in education around the …

MOOCS – Disruptive innovation or technology?

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A technology is considered disruptive when it affects an existing business model and/or the core values in the organisation where the technology is to be implemented. It not appear suddenly or in a vacuum: They are the result of evolving customer needs or a significant need for change. David Santandreu, Manager, Educational Design and Development, Centre for Academic Support and Innovation …

Adopting design thinking

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In 2012, the faculty and staff at ASIJ began integrating elements of design thinking into their curriculum, supporting the vision laid out in their strategic objectives. Since then, design thinking has been integrated into the curriculum of every division and has played a major role in campus architecture. Paul, a creative thinker and an innovator shares how ASIJ has succeeded …


5 reasons to be optimistic about Filipino education

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Three months on from the general election and the triumphant start to the Duterte Administration, some of the core governmental priorities for the coming years are starting the become apparent. As the dust settles it is evident that education is front of mind both for the new President and his highly experienced Education Secretary Leonor Briones, with education a core pillar …


Announcing EduTECH Philippines

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From the recent roll-out of K to 12 education, to the encouragingly positive changes coming from Patricia Licuanan and the rest of the team at the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), it is clear that education in the Philippines is undergoing a period of significant improvement. Given that Filipino GDP growth outstripped even China this year, and that the last …