FAA joins The Commercial UAV Show Asia 2016 lineup

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Everyone in the aviation business knows the importance of the FAA in promoting global aviation safety. From encouraging and developing civil aeronautics, to crafting air traffic control and navigation rules for both civil and military aircraft, every guideline made by the FAA influences the global aviation industry. In February 2015, the FAA released a set of guidelines on facilitating the integration of small …


DNV GL’s maiden collaboration with a Singapore startup- SwarmX

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On 13th April, DNV GL, hosted Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg to unveil its latest products in smart wind and solar farms and its first collaboration with a Singapore UAV start up, SwarmX to produce greener energy (Source: DNV GL official announcement). With the combination of efficient data management system and smart docking system, drones can now take shifts to allow companies to closely …

Industry 4.0

Beckhoff Automation on how Industry 4.0 will change manufacturing

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Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, is a term to describe a world in which machines interact and respond intelligently to the physical environment. The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and data science are current technologies that will play major roles in the revolution. More than just a flashy catchphrase, Industry 4.0. is reshaping the way factories work and …


Building an intelligent transport system with IoT

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The concept of an intelligent transport system(ITS)  has been around for a long time but it was not until the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) that it could become a reality. With wireless infrastructure and RFID technology reaching a critical mass, Asian cities are accelerating the development of intelligent transportation, and at the same time, facing considerable challenges. …

Rakuten Drone

Rakuten drone delivers snacks to hungry golfers

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Try not to be too alarmed when you hear a drone flying across your head when enjoying a golfing session at Chiba Prefecture’s Camel Golf Resort! Rakuten Inc, a leading creative Japanese e-commerce company has decided to upgrade its services and launched “Sora Raku”, a drone delivery service for golfers to access golf equipment, snacks, beverages and other items at pickup …


Start-Up Showcase: 5 minutes with Flutura

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In this age of the Internet of Things, smart cities, smart utilities, smart factories, smart worksites and intelligent transport systems are becoming an integral part of our lives. However, even something as simple as traffic lights optimisation, where lights are used to alleviate congestion, requires complex data crunching using algorithms and analytics. One up-and-coming start-up which has gained the trust and …

Syrian uplift project

Using UAVs to deliver hope and healing to refuges in need

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Uplift Aeronautics was founded to answer the call for help of refuges in conflict area. As a promise to their friends in Syria, a group of volunteers gathered to learn about using UAVs to deliver packages to places up to 50km away. From drone education  to refugee empowerment and technical development, this group of brave volunteers have continued with their mission despite …


DHL and innovations in logistics

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In a world of drones, self-driving vehicles, robotics and artificial intelligence, businesses today are jolted into a journey of transformation. How should the logistics industry evolve to keep up? DHL is an excellent example of how logistics companies are driving innovation to stay in the game. In December 2015, DHL launched its Asia Pacific Innovation Center (APIC) in Singapore as part …


Identifying illegally logged areas with drones and Google Earth

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Drones can be used for many purposes, such as saving the endangered orangutans in Borneo area and preventing illegal logging activities in rainforest in Malaysia, Indonesia, and various countries in South America. Take Suriname as an example. A country in South America which originally encouraged logging activities as a way to boast its economy growth, Suriname was convinced in late …