Start-Up Showcase – 5 Questions with Espert

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From smart refrighterators, connected cars, smartwatches, smart homes to smart cities, smart worksites and many more, the possibilities of IoT is endless. What’s the one IoT application that you wish to own?

If you are looking to start building and deploying your connected devices, William is a man you should meet at the upcoming The IoT Show Asia. Before you meet him in September, here’s a little more about William and his up-and-coming Start-Up, Espert!

What is Espert about?

Espert is a Singapore-based IoT company that wants to help novices to get started with learning, building and deploying their own connected hardware quickly, easily and more affordably. We have developed our own Wi-Fi-based microcontroller called ‘Espresso Lite’ and we use it to build many commercialisable projects. We also built our own cloud platform that allow IoT devices to be connected securely.

What sparked the establishment of Espert?

We are part of the nascent & growing maker movement in Southeast Asia. Both myself and my co-founder have started the first innovation spaces known as makerspaces in Singapore and Thailand respectively. The impetus for the creation of Espert came through our involvement with the Southeast Asia Makerspace Network (SEAMNET) and a meeting with the Singaporean founder (Teo Swee Ann) of the China-based semiconductor company, Espressif Systems that makes the low-cost ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip.

How is it going to disrupt the IoT landscape?

There is still a lot of hype in the IoT landscape as there is a huge majority of non-adopters. Many have perceived IoT as being complex, highfalutin and expensive. We believe we can promote mass adoption by advocating the use of IoT by building many simple/consumer products at a price point that is comfortable for the masses.

What do you enjoy most about running your start-up?

The joy of seeing someone thousands of miles away using our boards to build cool projects certainly tops the list.

Are tI-o-Teeshirthere any cool projects that you are currently working on that you can share with us?

We will be working with multiple makerspaces in our region and beyond to harness the creativity to build viable commercial projects. For example, we are working with Pinn Creative Space (a makerspace for fashion/designers based in Bangkok) to build interactive products e.g. I-o-Teeshirt. Besides that we will be developing a series of premium gifts e.g. table-top personal reminder system, personal security tag and even a ‘magic’ mirror that takes a time lapse photo of the owners.

Are you excited to check out some of these exciting new innovations by William and his team? Then you should meet them at The IoT Show Asia!

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The IoT Show Asia will be held this September 1st and 2nd 2016 at Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore. Together with the successful The Commercial UAV Show Asia , it will form the Emerging Technology Show, featuring the latest innovations and case studies in the region. 

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