Overview of UAV industry in Malaysia

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From aerial surveillance to conservation, advertising to broadcasting, film making to videography, and of course delivery, Malaysia is exploring possible ways for using UAVs for more efficient operations. Here’s a bit more information on how they are being used right now.


Predicted market size: Unknown

Prominent industry applications: Agriculture, broadcasting, conservation, energy, oil& gas, border and homeland security, real estate

Early manufacturers: senseFly, Aeryon, CybAero, DJI, Grypho

Taken from Malaysia Business Insider


Forest conservation

According to the Deputy Minister, Datuk Hamin Samuri of Peninsular Malaysia Forestry Department, Malaysia has looked into using UAVs alongside hyperspectral imaging, the Forest Monitoring Using Remote Sensing (FMRS) system and GIS for better law enforcement in forestry study.

Why is this important?

The Peninsular Malaysian Montane Rainforests are one of the last refuges for several of Asia’s large characteristic species. They support  tigers, Asian elephants, gaur, tapirs, Sumatran rhinoceros, and the spectacular crested argus. For a land which was almost entirely covered by forest, Malaysia has been left with approximately 59.5% of its initial forest size and losing an average of 250,000 hectares of forest every year due to urban development and illegal logging. Using UAVs for surveillance can perhaps be more effective in combating forest encroachment, unlicensed logging and other offences in the forest.

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Marine & Offshore

Several marine & offshore companies in Malaysia have started exploring the use of UAVs in their operations. The recent contract between Offshore Technology Development (OTD), a subsidiary of Keppel Offshore & Marine with Sky-Futures this year signifies a great leap in the type of solutions available to oil and gas companies in Malaysia.

Why is this significant?

With more than 3500 companies in the oil & gas industry in Malaysia, adoption of UAVs can encourage safer and lower cost operations. By using software and analytical methods, the analysis process can be automated to identify potential problems and perform tasks without human involvement, improving efficiency and reducing operating expenditure.

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