5 Questions with BeeBryte

Start-Up Showcase: 5 Questions with BeeBryte

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As we move into the age of the Internet of Things, we are not only looking at smarter cities, but also greener and more efficient cities. With an improved understanding of energy utilisation and generation, excess energy can be redirected back the grid for more efficient and effective usage. One start-up driving the more energy-efficient journey is BeeBryte who will be showcasing their SaaS at The IoT Show AsiaHere’s a preview into our interview with Frederic Crampe, CEO of BeeBryte:

What is BeeBryte about?

BeeBryte is a unique SaaS which can stack the following 3 services and make the best decisions in real-time:

  • Capture any price arbitrage opportunities by shifting the timing of energy purchase (storage) and/or energy usage (flexible load) when electricity prices are cheaper
  • Lower the demand charge by discharging the battery and/or turning-off flexible loads at times of building power peak demand (“peak-shaving”)
  • Sell services to the grid in response to price signals to alleviate peaks in network system load (demand-response)

By doing so, we have managed to achieve 15% to 40% utility bill savings to our customers!!

What sparked the establishment of BeeBryte?

BeeBryte is leveraging a major paradigm shift that is taking place in the energy sector right now due to:

  • electricity market deregulation creating more complex tariff rate structures (energy & power) and higher price volatility;
  • rapid declining costs for energy storage systems (Li-ion battery price expected to fall another 40-60% in next 4 years);
  • rise of behind-the-meter “Prosumers” (simultaneous energy Producers & active consumers) thanks to affordable solar PV, home automation systems, IoT…
  • spread of the internet of things and information technologies like predictive analytics.

How is it going to disrupt the IoT landscape?

Basically we unlock revenue streams using IoT. BeeBryte is supported by Intel, Cisco and Deutsche Telekom in the prestigious IoT accelerator ChallengeUP. With our partner Intel, we are working to connect and control electric devices as seamlessly as possible in order to prepare for the electric revolution and the internet of energy.

What do you enjoy most about running your start-up?

As eco-warriors, we love to create our own future. The advantage of running a startup is that we can be agile and build what others think is impossible. One of our 25 commandments is that at BeeBryte we work hard and play harder… We’re having fun doing what we do!!

Are there any cool projects that you are currently working on that you can share with us?

Beyond a single client optimization, grouping customers offers a world of new demand management opportunities. We will be releasing soon other ways to generate additional savings. Stay tune!

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