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Start-Up Showcase – 5 Questions with Zyllem

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With the rise of the ecommerce, there is an increasing demand for efficient and effective last-mile deliveries. One key leader in this field is Zyllem, which has successfully developed their IoT platform to optimise delivery routes and achieve the 7 Rs of logistics. We spoke to Noam Berda, Founder & CEO of Zyllem to find out more about Zyllem and its plans to the improve the logistics landscape with IoT:

What is Zyllem about?

Zyllem is an enabler and connector of existing delivery resources to create reliable and efficient distribution networks. We entered Singapore’s logistics scene in 2014 as an innovative Singapore-based start-up providing a cutting-edge platform that seamlessly enables and connects multiple courier networks, offering fast, cost-effective and reliable delivery services. Today, Zyllem is an established frontrunner in last-mile deliveries as well as one of the region’s most advanced logistics technology platforms.

Accessible via computer or any mobile device, we equip businesses, large and small, with a sophisticated electronic solution to seamlessly and efficiently manage their logistics needs. Our business model is based on a partnership and sharing economy model, enabling a collaborative ecosystem of existing delivery resources via our open, global platform. Our unique model enables us to cater to a diverse group of customers ranging from individuals who have ad-hoc delivery needs, to enterprise customers who require hundreds or thousands of deliveries done daily.

As Zyllem we are positioning ourselves to be a technology player, connecting the region, with the aspiration of connecting the world in the near future. Zyllem is currently operating in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

What sparked the establishment of Zyllem?

Back in 2013, I had observed the fragmented courier market in Asia and it occurred to me that every market has on the ground human resources readily available. What was missing was the technology that could bind these resources into a delivery eco-system that could create a scalable distribution network. After identifying the opportunity, I started to develop a technology solution to create a platform that enables collaboration and partnership between existing freelance delivery partners and delivery companies, with individuals and businesses who require point-to-point delivery. The result is a scalable workforce that meets the demand for fast and cost-effective delivery services.

How is it going to disrupt the IoT landscape?

IoT presents a unique technology transition and will have huge implications for the logistics business. With IoT, internet connections now extend to physical items and as we transition into a more connected world and embed technology and analytics throughout the organisations, companies can now enjoy visibility into their operations, enabling new sources of value. This visibility will transform how logistics providers make decisions, including about how goods are stored, tracked, routed, monitored, and delivered to customers. The possibilities for IoT in logistics are limitless – for example, a connected package is able to “communicate” to its owner its exact whereabouts and condition, or a connected vehicle can intelligently predict its maintenance requirements.

At Zyllem we believe that e-commerce in Southeast Asia is still in its infancy and from a logistics point of view, we see this as a great opportunity. In order to meet rising consumer expectations, retailers and logistics providers are being put under growing pressure to offer more efficient delivery services, while not compromising on customer service. This requires an adjustment to traditional business models and mindsets and technology is set to transform the status quo within the industry.

We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the existing business model by introducing new services and features to automate existing processes, connect networks, and create new delivery capacity thus allowing our customers and partners to expand further and faster. We see huge opportunities to help organisations and individuals across Asia and be a key part of enabling the growing distribution ecosystem.

At Zyllem, we are transforming global logistics and improving the efficiency of on-demand delivery.

  1. We do this with new services; constant evolution of our platform features and processes; and finally, collaborations with local and regional partners.
  2. We empower businesses to be smarter by giving customers access to multiple local courier networks via custom-built technology.
  3. We can have a positive social impact with more job opportunities and entrepreneurial empowerment by enabling this distribution network with great technology.

What do you enjoy most about running your start-up?

I enjoy the process of conceptualising new ideas and working with the team to make them a reality. To succeed in our business and stay ahead of the competition we strive to find the best solutions and constantly think outside the box to challenge the status quo. My passion is to leverage technology to make modern lives easier and ultimately benefit the community.

The logistics industry is so unbelievably dynamic today and the challenge is to constantly stay relevant – trends come and go, categories emerge out of nowhere, and competition is moving faster than ever.

I want to make Zyllem an iconic brand that offers great services that are relevant to consumers every single day and at the same time create a sustainable company for all our stakeholders.

Are there any cool projects that you are currently working on that you can share with us?

We constantly make improvements to the software and are presently looking for ways to further shorten delivery times and the time frames for delivery, thus reducing waiting time for our customers.

Want to find out more about Zyllem and how they can help improve your logistics businessgrow further?

Catch Noam and the Zyllem team at The IoT Show Asia this September 1-2 at Suntec Singapore. Noam will also be making a short pitch at 12:45 on 2nd September! (See full agenda here)

Join us today and be part of the IoT disruption. 

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