Start-Up Showcase – 3 Questions with Propeller Aerobotics

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With the commercial value of UAVs finally becoming realised, organisations are starting to deploy them on mapping and surveying missions. But how do you utilise the date that you’ve collected? This is a common problem, and one that up-and-coming start-up Propeller Aerobotics is addressing.

At The Commercial UAV Show Asia, this September 1-2 in Singapore, they will be sharing and discussing about how they aim to propel the industry forward with their technology.  Before you catch them at the show, here’s a snippet of our interview with Francis Vierboom, Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Propeller Aerobotics

What is Propeller about and what sparked its establishment?

Propeller started in response to a simple problem: capturing data with drones was cheap, easy and effective – but actually using that data wasn’t.

We talked to people who loved UAVs but struggled with the data. They were receiving huge files on USB sticks. They needed expensive specialist software to access their data and – even then – only the most technical people could understand or use it.

We built Propeller to change that. We turn drone flight images into measurable 3D surveys and inspections. With a Propeller portal you can process, analyse and share your drone flight data from within your browser.

How is it going to disrupt the UAV landscape?

We’re not just helping people process and share high-quality drone flight data. We’re about to launch AeroPoints – the world’s first smart ground control point.

Every day at Propeller we’ve been seeing our customers upload gigabytes of un-georeferenced imagery. They can’t justify the cost of hiring a certified surveyor to capture ground control points – but they aren’t able to generate good quality data without one.

That’s about the change. AeroPoints will give UAV operators and their clients access to survey grade data at a fraction of the cost. They use wireless connectivity, inbuilt PPK and a powerful solar battery to deliver precision georeferencing.

You just lay them down, fly your drone, pick them up – and you’re done. They are, to quote one of our users, “Without comparison – truly disruptive technology.”

What do you enjoy most about running your startup?

We love that wow moment our customers experience when they use our platform for the first time. We have an amazing team and it’s fantastic seeing hard work pay off.

We’ve also loved seeing AeroPoints go from an idea to a real product. Propeller is all about processing and sharing the highest quality drone data for our customers – and now we’re going to help them capture it too.

What to find out about the technologies and projects that Francis and his team are working on?

Visit Francis and the Propeller Team at their booth at The Commercial UAV Show Asia and be part of Asia’s leading commercial Unmanned Conference and Exhibition. Richard Hordern-Gibbings of Propeller will also be making a short pitch at 15:30 on 1st September! (See full agenda here)

The Commercial UAV Show Asia will be held this September 1st and 2nd 2016 at Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore. Together with the successful  IoT Show Asia , it will form the Emerging Technology Show, featuring the latest innovations and case studies in the region.  Free Expo passes are now available. Find out more.

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