Start-Up Showcase – 5 Questions with Lalamove

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With increased familiarity with technologies, consumers are having increased expectations in terms of services and that does is especially so in the logistics sector – multiple deliveries to be delivered to the right time, place and person.

Rising above this is Lalamove, a Singapore-based start-up which is helping and growing with customers with their smart technologies. Before they exhibit at The IoT Show Show, here’s a sneak peak of our interview with Sharon Lim, Marketing Specialist of Lalamove:

Q: What is Lalamove about?

Lalamove specializes in islandwide same day delivery. Once users place an order and get matched to a driver, they will also receive a tracking link and be able to track their item from point to point. In short, think ‘Uber’ for logistic services. Our aim is to make the delivery process quick and painless for both businesses and consumers.

Q: What sparked the establishment of Lalamove?

We recognize that the concept of ‘fast’ is gradually evolving. Users focus on instant gratification; they want to see quick/immediate results. Before we started operations in Singapore, there were only traditional couriers with a lead time of 3-7 days from pick up to drop off. In that sense, there was a gap between what the market offers vs. what consumers want. We saw the opportunity then and entered the market.

Q:​ How is it going to disrupt the IoT landscape?

The manufacturing and warehousing industries embrace IoT technology to ensure a high efficiency of industrial processes such as material flow and consequently, a high production capacity and throughput. Imagine a similar technology but applied to the entire city.

Lalamove facilitates the seamless connectivity of vehicles and consumers to ensure the most efficient and unimpeded flow of materials across the city. Whether it is for business use, such e-commerce deliveries, or personal use, such as house-moving, Lalamove taps on an unlimited pool of drivers on the road to provide an instantaneous delivery service to anyone with a mobile phone anywhere in the city. Lalamove’s network effect is amplified by the ease and convenience of connecting to the platform, either as a freelance driver or a user requesting for delivery. This decentralizes and disrupts the current model of traditional in-house logistics and epitomizes the on-demand nature of the Internet of Things.

​​Q: What’s the most enjoyable part of being in a startup?

Definitely how quick the execution process takes after a brainstorming process. Unlike big corporations where there are many layers of approval to go through, a startup emphasizes on execution and then learning. There is flexibility in learning from different teams too. We also have a pantry which is well-stocked with snacks like chocopie.

Q: Are there any cool projects that you are currently working on that you can share with us?

Yes, there is! Unfortunately, we are not able to share more at this point.. Stay tuned to our Facebook page ( or website ( for more updates!

Like what you read? Learn more about Lalamove at The IoT Show Asia, 1-2 September at Suntec Singapore!

Join us today and be part of the IoT disruption. 

The IoT Show Asia will be held this September 1st and 2nd 2016 at Suntec Convention and Exhibition Centre, Singapore. Together with the successful The Commercial UAV Show Asia , it will form the Emerging Technology Show, featuring the latest innovations and case studies in the region. 

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