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In this week’s highlight, we interview one of our confirmed speakers at TECHX, Yantisa Akhadi, Project Manager for Indonesia at Humanitarian OpenStreetMap (HOT), who speaks on open source mapping strategies in disaster relief operation. HOT pioneers the usage of drones, OpenStreetMap, QGIS, InaSAFE and more in humanitarian response and economic development. Based in Indonesia, HOT has recently report success stories in improving mapping strategies via drones and smart phones in disaster prevent and relief. Prior to the conference we asked Yantisa on how HOT is using tech for good.


Q: What are the current initiative to upgrade mapping techniques in Indonesia?

Yantisa: The current initiative is focusing on involving communities, organization and government institutions to map their own areas using open source tools.This inclusive approach will empower individuals and organization to contribute and benefits from geospatial data.


Q: What’s your biggest challenge in operating in rural areas?

Yantisa: There are two things. Connectivity and availability of good satellite imagery as a basis for mapping. At some areas, access to electricity even becoming bigger issues than connectivity.


Q: Other than drones, how are emerging technologies help to improve open street mapping for humanitarian purposes?

Yantisa: Currently smartphone have become an essential tools to collect data on the ground. We use smartphone to capture building and roads information and later upload it to OSM.

Q: How can local and international communities better support these initiatives?

Yantisa: They can better support these initiatives by mapping their own areas in OSM. Once they got familiar with the tools and workflow, they can join the global effort to map disaster prone areas


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