An investor’s perspective on tech startup market in Asia: Interview with Veiverne Yuen, Co-founder of tryb

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The team at tryb, a Singaporean growth-stage technology investor and operator is made up of a group of highly experienced personnel from finance and technology. We had the chance to confirm the participation of one of tryb’s founders, Mr Veiverne Yuen in TECHX Asia this 6-7 September in Singapore. Prior to the conference, we asked Veiverne, the experienced managing director with a strong history working in the financial services sector, a few questions to give you another reason why you should join us this September.


Q: What’s tryb’s business model?  How do you distinguish yourself from other VC/PE?

Yuen: Our business model is simple – tryb invests in, builds out and operates financial technology companies that transform financial services. We are a platform that provides our stakeholders with an integrated approach to financial technology deployment.

The VC/PE community are our partners and we look to collaborate on deal flow where possible. First, VC/PE funds can exit to tryb – a great way for tryb to own and operate next wave of cutting edge technologies serving financial services.  Second, we are an operating partner that can support the investments made by VC/PE – or any other investor for that matter – that is both able to co-invest and drive operational value creation.


Q: What are you looking for in a new tech company to invest in Asia?

Yuen: We have an extensive and proprietary criteria matrix we apply to our potential investee companies.  With that said, if your company ticks the following boxes we would like to speak to you:

  • Strong defensible IP and technology
  • Enterprise/B2B model serving financial institutions as clients
  • Growth stage and Middle-Market (or exceptional Venture companies)
  • ASEAN and APAC angle for growth
  • Cash flows, existing or potential, that have a high recurring component
  • Strong management team that is aligned with tryb’s vison and goals
  • Great people focused on making money and operational excellence


Q: In your opinion, what are the top 3, most promising breakthrough technologies which start up should be focusing in the field of IoT, AI, big data and even fintech?

Yuen: We would like all companies to focus on any breakthrough technologies that have practical use cases, serve customers and from a cost/benefit perspective can transform existing or future businesses.

At tryb, we are extremely interested in technologies that promote the digitisation of the financial contracts that underpin the ongoing transformation of the Asian financial ecosystem and increasing financial inclusion across the region.

We are currently looking for transformative technologies in DLT, Big Data Analytics, Security, AI and Machine Learning. Maybe Quantum Computing too if someone has an interesting (and profitable) use case!


Q: From your perspective, how do technology providers create more confidence to encourage users in upgrading & revolutionising their practices?

Yuen: Confidence is earned. One way to earn this confidence is to truly listen to your customers.  We must understand our customers to create value.  Only by consistently delivering your product and services will long-term and sustainable relationships be built that will encourage adoption.

tryb aims to inspire confidence throughout the financial services industry by providing our stakeholders a high degree of responsiveness, reliability and sustainability. In short, maximizing the user experience is key.


Veiverne will be leading a roundtable discussion on “addressing key considerations in financing start-ups in Asia” on 7 September. Want to find out more?  Visit our website to explore.

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