IoT in manufacturing: 5 questions with Sachin Gupta, Chief IoT Capabilities at Rolls-Royce

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Quoting Paul Stein, Chief Technology Officer at Rolls-Royce: “The popular fail fast method of innovation does not necessarily work at Rolls-Royce. After all, there is little room for error at 20,000 thousand feet.” While Industry 4.0 is the new favourite global theme for advanced manufacturing companies, it is important to investigate the best innovation strategy and to customise solutions to specific problems within current manufacturing operations.


As Chief of IoT Capability Group at Rolls-Royce, Sachin Gupta is responsible for driving digital culture and accelerating IoT capabilities in Singapore. With over 14 years’ experience working in industrial IoT and the Energy industry, Sachin is tasked to help deliver complex technical and commercial Industry IoT (IIoT) solutions to help improve organisation and manufacturing operations in Rolls-Royce.


We are happy to have the chance to speak to Sachin at the TECHX Asia conference in Singapore on 6-7 September. Despite his busy schedule, Sachin has kindly squeezed in a short interview with us to share a preview of what he’ll share at the panel discussion on FactoryTECHX on “Modernising Asia’s manufacturing landscape: Key considerations and actions required”.


Q: Could you please share with our readers little bit more about yourself?

Sachin: I’m a technocrat. Prior to joining Rolls-Royce, I worked in in industrial IoT with several communication and smart grid companies, including Trilliant, Cisco and GE Digital Energy. I like to play with new technologies and solve business challenges.

In my current role, I’m responsible for bringing the best technologies to Rolls-Royce and sharing technological developments across our business groups from aerospace to marine and power systems.


Q: What are the key challenges in using IoT and other disruptive tech in manufacturing, and how can we potentially overcome them?

Sachin: It is important to overcome silo approaches within organisations and increase digital awareness so as to minimise internal roadblocks. Data capture and analysis is extremely important when it comes to manufacturing technology, however, getting access to data can be difficult since it lives in many different sources. It is also important to ensure that the data captured is relevant and validated.



Q: What’s your vision of industry 4.0 and how do we get there?

Sachin: At Rolls-Royce our vision for the future would be the ability to connect and track all products and assets throughout their lifecycle – from design through to manufacture and while in service. Industry 4.0 will provide us with access to more data so that we can learn and implement improvements to increase efficiency and productivity in the future.

This is a long-term journey, so it’s important that we our employees and our supply chain partners along on this digital journey.


Q: What advice do you have for companies looking to adopt emerging tech in their manufacturing operations?

Sachin: It is important to validate business requirements and develop an end-to-end architecture, helping to map out technology gaps. Companies should start small with programmes that help to drive digital awareness and with a clear end goal in mind. It is vital to test before implementing new technology in to manufacturing operations.


Q: What topics and who are you looking forward to hear/meet at TECHX Asia?

Sachin: I’m looking forward to hearing from companies operating in similar industries to Rolls-Royce, as well as from automotive or manufacturing industries. It will be particularly interesting to learn how they have applied low cost IoT technologies across the product life cycle – from design through to customer service.


Sachin is among over 100 confirmed speakers at TECHX Asia, Singapore, 6-7 September. Visit our website to find out more.

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