Smart grid and advanced energy technology: Powering the smart cities of the future

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Smart grid data management and advanced energy technologies enable utilities to better monitor energy usage, integrate more variable renewable resources, and decrease the need for electricity generated by high-emitting peaking power plants.

Frans-Anton Vermast, Senior Strategy Advisor for Low Carbon and Connected Urban Planning from Amsterdam Smart City will be joining us at TECHX Asia 2017 to provide deeper insight into smart energy management.

Prior to the event. we caught up with Frans-Anton in a quick interview where he shared with us some of his passions and gives a teaser of what he will be sharing at the event.

1. Could you share something about yourself with our readers?

Frans-Anton Vermast, Amsterdam Smart City

Frans-Anton Vermast, Amsterdam Smart City

I am a Smart City Ambassador with compassion for developing Smart Cities as open and user centric innovative platforms as well as holistic and cross silo approaches through collaborative bottom up approaches and citizens engagement. I have an extensive Dutch, European and global knowledge and experience in facilitating the participation of local governments, municipalities and communities in these initiatives.

2. Could you give our readers a quick teaser on what you will be speaking at the show?

I’ll share on the best practices and lessons learned from globally in deploying smart grid and advanced energy technologies.

3. Why is this topic close to your heart? And, could you share your thoughts on what the future of energy management might look like and how we should prepare ourselves to be future-ready?

It’s about social innovation and social inclusion.

Citizens will become more and more prosumers where they generate, use and store energy locally via smart grids in their neighbourhood. We need to involve regulators in early stages and ask them to allow temporary and local exemptions on energy.

Energy will be for free in the future and users will only pay for transport and storage of energy.

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Frans-Anton will be joining us at this year’s TECHX Asia, taking place 6-7 September 2017 in Singapore. As Asia’s leading event on commercial applications of emerging technologies, TECHX will bring together leading minds, entrepreneurs and innovators across the entire spectrum of emerging technologies: IoT, drones, AI, 3D, robotics, data and blockchain.

Find out more and book your tickets here.

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