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Drone activity has been a growing concern for government agencies, private entities and the public around the world. The emerging adverse use of drones has presented detection and disruption challenges to the various authorities. Many security agencies have also identified and recognized the high possibility of commercial drones being used as new terror weapons in the future attack.

In conjunction with the TechX Asia show in September 2017, TeleRadio is proud to showcase the SkyDroner, an Anti-Drone Surveillance System. SkyDroner is able to DETECT, DISTRACT and DISABLE unauthorized drones in restricted airspaces surrounding oil and gas to military bases, commercial buildings, and other critical infrastructures. SkyDroner will identify unauthorized drones and ultimately overwrites command forcing them to land when they breach invisible security barriers.

First, it performs continuous monitoring of drone frequencies within the protected vicinity. Upon detection of any drone radio frequency signature, it generates an alarm and pinpoints the drone’s location and its operator. Based on the make and model, it will issue different commands to the respective drone, including ‘return to the operator’, ‘land at designated location’ or ‘freeze the video transmission’. Finally, it can discontinue all communication links between the drone and its operator forcing the drone to land.

In conclusion, SkyDroner is able to enhance their security to prevent unauthorized aerial photography and air-borne threat to their premises which is demarcated as protected area. It will alert the officers of any anonymous drone flying activity around the vicinity. TeleRadio hopes to connect with TechX
Asia with interested business associates who need SkyDroner to provide tighter security to their industries.


TeleRadio is a global technology leader that specializes in the developing and manufacturing of advanced anti-terrorist security systems. The corporate objective of the company is to provide every vital infrastructure in the world with a highly reliable and efficient security system to reduce human and building vulnerability to terrorist threats and attacks. TeleRadio has gained a remarkable reputation in Asia Pacific and Middle East regions for their highperformance equipment and comprehensive after sales technical services to their clients.

TeleRadio is the proud exhibitor of  TECHX Asia 2017, taking place from 6-7 September 2017 at Suntec and will be showcasing the SkyDroner at Booth B10. Get your FREE Expo Pass now to join them

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