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Why miners are choosing UAVs over manned aircraft

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Mining and exploration companies in natural disaster prone regions, such as the Philippines and Chile often face operational challenges, ranging from severe storms to security threats. From land use conflicts, geologic hazards and adverse human activities, UAVs can help to provide essential information for operators to optimise their operations. The lack of good qualified contractors and expensive surveillance cost in …


Startup Showcase: Hiraya Water and WattSmart

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In this age of the Internet of Things, smart devices are playing an increasingly important role in our lives. IoT is significantly changing the way we live, work, travel and build our cities. One key industry is the utilities industry, which has started to deployed smart grids and meters to better manage these key resource. Two innovative start-ups transforming the …


The Internet of Trees: Reinventing traditional plantation forestry with IoT technologies

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Forestry and its related industries are something of a technology laggard. But the prospect of the industry building an “Internet of Trees” to drive efficiency, improve quality, and improve awareness of soil conditions is emerging. Joining us to discuss the use of IoT in the forest sector and the implications for the future of manufacturing segments is Indranil Sen, General …

Internet of Things

Get ready for The Internet of Things

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The Internet of Things – the digitisation of the physical world – has received enormous attention, but how can we go beyond the hype and create real value? The IoT Show Asia 2016 is the first event in Asia to focus on the commercial applications of IoT technology and its impact on your bottom line. The McKinsey Report in June …


Saving the orangutans with deep learning, data analytics and drones

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UAS are now popularly used as a tool for media, mapping and inspection, with RGB cameras being the most commonly used sensor.However, drones are also capable of being programmed to pick up radio signals in order to monitor and track wildlife in an effort to help understand their behaviour and aid in the fight against habitat destruction and extinction. This …


Smart Machines: Are you ready for The Rise of the Robots?

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Look around you. Machines are getting smarter, in fact, you could say we are living in the dawn of smart machines. We’ve had IBM’s Watson winning a game of Jeopardy, we’re talking about artificial intelligence predicting the winner of a singing competition, and in March, Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo beat a world champion Go player in a five-game match without handicaps. …


Using UAVs in smart city construction

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The notion of a truly smart city is a fashionable topic among governments of developed countries, and increasingly, developing countries too. Using sensors and real time monitoring systems,  it is possible to process and analyse data collected in real time to enhance quality, performance, and interactivity of urban services while reducing the costs and consumption, creating a better life for citizens. Technologically …

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Welcome to The Emerging Technology Show

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The Emerging Technology Show arrives in Singapore this 1-2 September, to showcase the most exciting and innovative technologies that can improve your bottom line. Taking place at the Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, The Emerging Technology Show will focus on two key areas – The Internet of Things and Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, bringing you 2 events all under one roof: The IoT Show …