Start-Up Showcase – 5 Questions with Espert

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From smart refrighterators, connected cars, smartwatches, smart homes to smart cities, smart worksites and many more, the possibilities of IoT is endless. What’s the one IoT application that you wish to own? If you are looking to start building and deploying your connected devices, William is a man you should meet at the upcoming The IoT Show Asia. Before you …

5 questions with overwatch imaging

Start-Up Showcase – 5 Questions with Overwatch Imaging

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UAVs have traditionally been used in the military applications, but there is great potential in commercial applications, as we are exploring at the upcoming Commercial UAV Show Asia, in Singapore this September 1-2. One up-and-coming startup is Overwatch Imaging whose technology not only provides real time data and video for their clients, but also answers. To provide you with a …

Smart City

From blueprint to scale: What does it take to be a smart city?

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The Smart City concept is often described as a broad, integrated approach to improving the efficiency of city operations and the quality of life for its citizens. But how do we define the “smartness” of a city? What are the main determinators and who actually decides on the level? Come to find out at our Smart Cities panel discussion at …

5 Questions with SkyEye

Start-Up Showcase: 5 Questions with SkyEye

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Equipped with longer-lasting battery life and superior camera lenses, drones are increasingly becoming a more accessible and affordable alternative to traditional satellite imaging. The team at SkyEye saw this potential and since 2009, they have been saving time, money and lives. Before we catch them at The Commercial UAV Show Asia in Singapore this September 1-2, here’s a snippet of when …

NYK 07 - Resize

NYK Automotive Logistics China on adopting IoT

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NYK Automotive Logistics China (NALC), a wholly owned NYK Group company, offers diverse finished-car logistics services throughout China. The company is adopting IoT to provide effective solutions to meet customer needs. We were very excited to grab a few moments with CIO Mr. Lai Teck Chong ahead of the IoT Show Asia 2016, where he will be speaking, to learn more about NALC’s  IoT strategies. …


Using IoT technology to manage remote worksites

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Imagine being able to connect various worksite sensors, track employee locations using GPS devices, pinpoint vehicle and equipment coordinates, and receive alerts through text, email, and phone calls if an incident occurs. This is what the smart worksite is all about. With IoT technologies, worksite managers are now able to quickly address safety and productivity problems, all whilst maximising site …


Start-Up Showcase – 5 Questions with Cryowerx

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The potential for smart sensors and the internet of things is boundless. It is enabling smart logistics, smart factories, smart warehouses, smart cities and more. It is changing our lives for the better. The ability to manage and monitor data and systems in real time has enabled an up-and-coming startup to help F&B producers bring healthier meals for the masses …

Image taken from CAAS guidelines

Regulators speaking on UAV regulations in Asia

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Asia continues to show itself as a promising market for civil RPAS and solution providers in Asia. Following The 1st APAC RPAS Symposium, meaningful conversations have been held between regulators and manufacturers, but while this event serves as a great first step toward the exponential development of RPAS in Asia, there is much to be done to come out with fair …

BMW PK DriveNow 21.3.2011

BMW Group Asia’s insights on car-sharing services

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Car-sharing and ride-sharing services reduce city traffic and carbon emissions, and allow citizens to get where they’re going without the cost and hassle of owning a car in the city. BMW Group is developing car sharing services that use technologies such as ICT and M2M communications. With open communication links between systems to collect and reuse data from anywhere, the leading …

Giingo Labs

Start-Up Showcase – 3 Questions with Giingo Labs

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From large-scale to mini-size, drones are taking off in Asia. At the upcoming The Commercial UAV Show Asia 2016, we will be showcasing the latest drone technologies and innovation with both the leading industry players as well as the up-and-coming startups. One of them is the Giingo Labs. Before you meet them this September, here’s a snippet of our Interview …