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Speeding up last-mile delivery with artificial intelligence

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The last-mile delivery market is going to bring the next big disruption in the e-commerce ecosystem, but the last-mile market in India is highly disorganised and dominated by mini trucks mostly run by drivers-cum-owners. To help close the mismatch in the market between consumers and truck drivers, Jugnoo was launched in 2014 as a hyperlocal on-demand multi-service provider that employs auto-rickshaws as its …

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Meet Nadine, your artificially intelligent personal assistant

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There’s a new ‘receptionist’ in town at Nanyang Technological University, Nadine. She is friendly, can greet you, will remember you next time you go back, will look at you when she’s talking to you and can also shake your hand. All very usual things, you might say, except that Nadine is an artificially intelligent humanoid. The potential of humanoids like …


Smart Machines: Are you ready for The Rise of the Robots?

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Look around you. Machines are getting smarter, in fact, you could say we are living in the dawn of smart machines. We’ve had IBM’s Watson winning a game of Jeopardy, we’re talking about artificial intelligence predicting the winner of a singing competition, and in March, Google DeepMind’s AlphaGo beat a world champion Go player in a five-game match without handicaps. …