Smart City

From blueprint to scale: What does it take to be a smart city?

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The Smart City concept is often described as a broad, integrated approach to improving the efficiency of city operations and the quality of life for its citizens. But how do we define the “smartness” of a city? What are the main determinators and who actually decides on the level? Come to find out at our Smart Cities panel discussion at …

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NYK Automotive Logistics China on adopting IoT

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NYK Automotive Logistics China (NALC), a wholly owned NYK Group company, offers diverse finished-car logistics services throughout China. The company is adopting IoT to provide effective solutions to meet customer needs. We were very excited to grab a few moments with CIO Mr. Lai Teck Chong ahead of the IoT Show Asia 2016, where he will be speaking, to learn more about NALC’s  IoT strategies. …


Using IoT technology to manage remote worksites

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Imagine being able to connect various worksite sensors, track employee locations using GPS devices, pinpoint vehicle and equipment coordinates, and receive alerts through text, email, and phone calls if an incident occurs. This is what the smart worksite is all about. With IoT technologies, worksite managers are now able to quickly address safety and productivity problems, all whilst maximising site …

BMW PK DriveNow 21.3.2011

BMW Group Asia’s insights on car-sharing services

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Car-sharing and ride-sharing services reduce city traffic and carbon emissions, and allow citizens to get where they’re going without the cost and hassle of owning a car in the city. BMW Group is developing car sharing services that use technologies such as ICT and M2M communications. With open communication links between systems to collect and reuse data from anywhere, the leading …

Connected Enterprise

Rockwell Automation talk how IoT is leading to greater manufacturing visibility and productivity

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By embracing intelligent connected systems, manufacturers hold the key to increased productivity, improved asset management and faster decision making for maximized business value. For Rockwell Automation, this is now a reality, using IoT and smart manufacturing technologies to achieve optimal performance and profitability at its Singapore-based Asia Pacific Business Centre (APBC). The successful practice recently earned Rockwell Automation the Gold …


Kuehne+Nagel on IoT possibilities in seafreight

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Seafreight container transport logistics has traditionally been slow to adopt new technologies like IoT due to the lack of global and regional standards in legal, regulatory, operational and IT processes. Will IoT drive the innovation to transform this industry? Paolo Montrone, Senior Vice President – Sea Logistics South Asia Pacific Region at Kuehne+Nagel will be joining us in our Smart …


BMW Group and TÜV SÜD talk intelligent transport systems

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With a growing population comes a growing fleet of vehicles flooding into cities round the world. This transport increase is causing pollution and congestion. Cities need to become ‘smart’ in order to manage the flow of traffic more efficiently and reduce harmful emissions. Speaking at the IoT Show Asia 2016, BMW Group Asia and TÜV SÜD Asia Pacific will provide …

Industrial Manufacturing

Fujitsu on how IoT is reinventing industrial manufacturing

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The smart factory concept means industrial manufacturing processes will be organised in a smart way compared to tired, traditional methods. It opens the era of intelligent manufacturing where the entire production chain, including suppliers, logistics and product life cycle management are connected across frontiers. And most importantly, it offers you a real opportunity to reduce cost and improve your bottom …

Industry 4.0

Beckhoff Automation on how Industry 4.0 will change manufacturing

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Industry 4.0, or the fourth industrial revolution, is a term to describe a world in which machines interact and respond intelligently to the physical environment. The Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and data science are current technologies that will play major roles in the revolution. More than just a flashy catchphrase, Industry 4.0. is reshaping the way factories work and …