5 Questions with Abhinav Singhal

Industrie 4.0 from Thyssenkrupp’s point of view

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Thyssenkrupp is a €40-billion annual revenue German multinational conglomerate and one of the world’s largest steel producers. As a pioneering member of Germany’s Industrie 4.0 working group, Thyssenkrupp is a leader in using AI, IoT and other emerging technologies in smart manufacturing, smart cities and buildings. Join Abhinav Singhal, Thyssenkrupp’s Head of Strategy, Markets and Development at TECHX Asia in Singapore this September …

5 Questions with Sachin Gupta

IoT in manufacturing: 5 questions with Sachin Gupta, Chief IoT Capabilities at Rolls-Royce

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Quoting Paul Stein, Chief Technology Officer at Rolls-Royce: “The popular fail fast method of innovation does not necessarily work at Rolls-Royce. After all, there is little room for error at 20,000 thousand feet.” While Industry 4.0 is the new favourite global theme for advanced manufacturing companies, it is important to investigate the best innovation strategy and to customise solutions to …

joseph kiran kumar

IoT in pharma manufacturing: 10 mins with Joseph Kiran Kumar

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Even the traditional pharma manufacturing industry with stringent quality and safety requirements has no escape from the revolutionary wave of industry 4.0. With the optimistic estimation of how quickly the healthcare industry will embrace healthcare IoT, the best way for pharma companies to stay competitive is to learn from peers and keep up with the trends. At TECHX Asia, we invited Joseph …

human and technology

Understanding the applications of VR technology for your factory

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With AR & VR technology sales forecast to hit $150 billion by 2020, how can you apply this technology to your manufacturing process? As we consider applications in materials handling, remote maintenance, augmented assembly, inspection & more; we invite Nicholas Yeo, Technical Director, A*STAR Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre (ARTC) to join us at TECHX Asia 2017 to share how ARTC is is developing …

Connected Enterprise

Rockwell Automation talk how IoT is leading to greater manufacturing visibility and productivity

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By embracing intelligent connected systems, manufacturers hold the key to increased productivity, improved asset management and faster decision making for maximized business value. For Rockwell Automation, this is now a reality, using IoT and smart manufacturing technologies to achieve optimal performance and profitability at its Singapore-based Asia Pacific Business Centre (APBC). The successful practice recently earned Rockwell Automation the Gold …

Industrial Manufacturing

Fujitsu on how IoT is reinventing industrial manufacturing

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The smart factory concept means industrial manufacturing processes will be organised in a smart way compared to tired, traditional methods. It opens the era of intelligent manufacturing where the entire production chain, including suppliers, logistics and product life cycle management are connected across frontiers. And most importantly, it offers you a real opportunity to reduce cost and improve your bottom …