Start-Up Showcase - propeller (3)

Start-Up Showcase – 3 Questions with Propeller Aerobotics

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With the commercial value of UAVs finally becoming realised, organisations are starting to deploy them on mapping and surveying missions. But how do you utilise the date that you’ve collected? This is a common problem, and one that up-and-coming start-up Propeller Aerobotics is addressing. At The Commercial UAV Show Asia, this September 1-2 in Singapore, they will be sharing and …

MMEA signed a USD93.3 million contract with Thales for border patrol. Source: Thales Group

Overview of UAV industry in Malaysia

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From aerial surveillance to conservation, advertising to broadcasting, film making to videography, and of course delivery, Malaysia is exploring possible ways for using UAVs for more efficient operations. Here’s a bit more information on how they are being used right now. Overview Predicted market size: Unknown Prominent industry applications: Agriculture, broadcasting, conservation, energy, oil& gas, border and homeland security, real …

5 questions with overwatch imaging

Start-Up Showcase – 5 Questions with Overwatch Imaging

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UAVs have traditionally been used in the military applications, but there is great potential in commercial applications, as we are exploring at the upcoming Commercial UAV Show Asia, in Singapore this September 1-2. One up-and-coming startup is Overwatch Imaging whose technology not only provides real time data and video for their clients, but also answers. To provide you with a …

5 Questions with SkyEye

Start-Up Showcase: 5 Questions with SkyEye

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Equipped with longer-lasting battery life and superior camera lenses, drones are increasingly becoming a more accessible and affordable alternative to traditional satellite imaging. The team at SkyEye saw this potential and since 2009, they have been saving time, money and lives. Before we catch them at The Commercial UAV Show Asia in Singapore this September 1-2, here’s a snippet of when …

Image taken from CAAS guidelines

Regulators speaking on UAV regulations in Asia

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Asia continues to show itself as a promising market for civil RPAS and solution providers in Asia. Following The 1st APAC RPAS Symposium, meaningful conversations have been held between regulators and manufacturers, but while this event serves as a great first step toward the exponential development of RPAS in Asia, there is much to be done to come out with fair …

Giingo Labs

Start-Up Showcase – 3 Questions with Giingo Labs

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From large-scale to mini-size, drones are taking off in Asia. At the upcoming The Commercial UAV Show Asia 2016, we will be showcasing the latest drone technologies and innovation with both the leading industry players as well as the up-and-coming startups. One of them is the Giingo Labs. Before you meet them this September, here’s a snippet of our Interview …

A police helicopter flies past a UAV drone which was flying over a post-march street celebration in west Baltimore, Maryland, in this file photo taken May 2, 2015.   The Federal Aviation Administration announced industry partnerships on Wednesday to test commercial drones that can fly beyond an operator's line of sight, seen as a necessary precursor to autonomous drone operations such as package delivery.  REUTERS/Adrees Latif/Files

Understanding the real cost of implementing commercial UAVs

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The potential for using commercial UAVs in your business is now among the hottest topics in the region. Evolving from military dronee to toys for children and now to business tools,  these advanced, highly functional and autonomous flying machines can now independently perform tasks for you. But before you jump in to using one, you may find the below facts useful, …


FAA joins The Commercial UAV Show Asia 2016 lineup

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Everyone in the aviation business knows the importance of the FAA in promoting global aviation safety. From encouraging and developing civil aeronautics, to crafting air traffic control and navigation rules for both civil and military aircraft, every guideline made by the FAA influences the global aviation industry. In February 2015, the FAA released a set of guidelines on facilitating the integration of small …


DNV GL’s maiden collaboration with a Singapore startup- SwarmX

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On 13th April, DNV GL, hosted Norway Prime Minister Erna Solberg to unveil its latest products in smart wind and solar farms and its first collaboration with a Singapore UAV start up, SwarmX to produce greener energy (Source: DNV GL official announcement). With the combination of efficient data management system and smart docking system, drones can now take shifts to allow companies to closely …

Syrian uplift project

Using UAVs to deliver hope and healing to refuges in need

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Uplift Aeronautics was founded to answer the call for help of refuges in conflict area. As a promise to their friends in Syria, a group of volunteers gathered to learn about using UAVs to deliver packages to places up to 50km away. From drone education  to refugee empowerment and technical development, this group of brave volunteers have continued with their mission despite …