Assessing WeChat purely as an advertising medium misses the point

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WeChat is big, scary, and poses a real danger of swallowing up a good portion of China’s digital landscape. But outside China, WeChat’s dominence is nowhere near a foregone conclusion. We spoke to Riku Vassinen, JWT‘s Digital Director, to find out more. When viewed purely as an advertising medium, what’s more sophisticated – Facebook or WeChat? Purely as an advertising medium, …


When are promos useful? We spoke to Aspial’s Wong Mei Wai to find out more

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Promotions are not cheap. And in today’s commercial environment, they are rampant, making them increasingly less useful. To find out what marketers need to do to ensure that their promos work, we spoke to Wong Mei Wai, Business Director at at Aspial (Aspial-Lee Hwa Jewellery). Wong is speaking at the LEAD 2017 conference, happening 31 Oct – 1 Nov in …

people-based marketing

ZALORA’s CRM manager tell us what people-based marketing actually is

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When I first heard the term ‘people-based marketing’, my question was: When was marketing not people-based? (I’m being facetious, but you get the point.) To find out what it actually means, I spoke to Zhiliang Li, Marketing Manager – CRM at ZALORA. Li is speaking at my event, the LEAD 2017 conference, about the topic. What exactly does people-based marketing actually …


Technology is blurring lines between qual and quant research

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Ahead of their presentation at the LEAD 2017 conference, I interviewed Kadence Singapore for their view on how the traditional structure of market research is blurring due to technology. I spoke with Patrick Young, Insights Director at Kadence. For those who don’t know, explain the key differences between qual and quant research methods. Everyone has an attitude towards thousands of …

Whitepaper: Tealium explains how to create a Universal Data Hub

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As customers use more channels to interact with brands and organizations increase the number of technology solutions, data is more fragmented than ever. According to the Walker Sands State of Technology 2017 report, only 16 percent of marketing suite users say it’s the only tool they use, alluding to the prevalence of disconnected marketing stacks. This has led to increased …

Artificial Intelligence is not going to implode the media agency model

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Eric Thain, Managing Director Shanghai & Head of Digital China at PR firm LEWIS, speaks to us about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to change media buying. Thain is speaking at the LEAD 2017 conference about how AI will change the production of marketing collaterals. In addition to his role at LEWIS, Thain is also the co-founder of the …

Customer journey mapping is not a quick-fix

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At LEAD this year we’ll be featuring Varun Rai, Director Business Development, Specialties at Shell. He’s had over 16 years of experience across a range of businesses in Asia. Before his current role, he was handling marketing for Shell’s Retail B2B business. And he has an MBA from Oxford – we’re super pleased to have him on board! Before the event, we spoke …

CEO of Federal Lubricants to speak at LEAD 2017

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This year I’d really like to give LEAD a more regional flavour, and feature more stories from across Southeast Asia. This is why I’m very pleased to announce that Patrick Adhiatmadja, Chief Executive Officer of  PT Federal Karyatama or Federal Lubricants (pictured) as a speaker. According to the South China Morning Post, “more than one out of five motorcycle riders in …