Why move to Jakarta?

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Many of our loyal followers may be wondering why after 18 years Power and Electricity World Asia is moving location, from Singapore to Jakarta. Well, there are a number of answers to that question. Allow me to explain.

Firstly, as a global economic power Indonesia is a very considerable one, especially where energy is concerned. It does not possess the wealth and financing power of Singapore but it is one of the largest coal burning and exporting countries in the world. Now, as international focus is questioning the rights and viability of such economic models, we see Indonesia as positioned at a very interesting and very important crossroads. The path it chooses to take affects not just the region but the whole world. So, in short, Indonesia is headed for some very interesting times and no doubt some very controversial debates. And we want to be there to cover it.

Secondly, Indonesia is committing itself to an impressive target of building an additional 35GW over the next few years. This is exciting not just from a content perspective but also for the opportunities which it offers to the global energy sector to invest into the country. There are many who question whether or not this target is achievable, but I think all would agree that Indonesia is about to witness an impressive boom in capacity building.

Finally, Indonesia serves an interesting benchmark for the whole region. Like the Philippines it has many thousands of islands to serve with power, representing an enormous challenge. Its level of development also matches that of many other countries in the region (much more so than Singapore). It has a worrying power deficit coupled with rapid economic development and a burgeoning population. The challenges facing Indonesia are in many ways the same challenges facing the whole region.

Taking these reasons together we feel Jakarta is an ideal destination for our next edition of Power and Electricity World Asia. We realise that the content will shift and the speaker line up will alter after making the move. But after 18 years we’re ready for a new challenge. We hope you will come and join us.

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