Impact of Paris climate change talks on coal-fired power generation in Southeast Asia

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Many hopes have been stirred by the conversations which came out of the Paris Climate Change Talks. But when fossils fuels continue to undercut the price of renewables (once capex costs are factored in), what chance is there of seeing a speedy transition to renewables in certain parts of the world?

Take Indonesia for example. To meet the increase in the power demand, coal, for reasons of its abundance of supply and low cost is seen as the most sustainable solution – from a purely economic perspective. However, the international pressure to find alternative means is now translating into some investor caution and even some pulling back from this ‘toxic’ asset.

At Power & Electricity World Asia held on 13 – 14 April 2016 in Jakarta, we bring together a panel of coal players consisting of miners, traders, power generators, and financiers to discuss and debate the outlook for coal-fired power investments in light of shifting investor priorities:

This talk will drill down into some of the key themes shaping coal and its future, including:

  • Impact of Paris climate change talks
  • Economic vs environmental sustainability?
  • Balancing coal exports with domestic power generation
  • Trends in coal power project financing: International, regional and local lenders
  • Re-visiting coal-fired power generation: does Indonesia have the right type of coal?

Answering these questions, we have:

Ben Lawson, COO, Sanaman Coal, Indonesia
Being COO at the Sanaman Coal which has taken on the largest coal assets in South Sumatra and Kalimantan, Ben knows the Indonesian coal market back to front. With his years of experience, he is capable of bringing tough coal projects to market in Kalimantan and Sumatra.

Adrian Lembong, Chief Business Development Officer, PT Adaro Power, Indonesia
Hailing from the largest single coal mine in Indonesia, and second largest thermal coal power producer, Adrian Lembong has spearheaded the company’s venture into the power generation industry and has helped established PT Adaro Power as one of the leading power generation companies in Indonesia.

Ramli Ahmad, Managing Director, Asia Pacific Mining Resources, Indonesia
Ramli Ahmad has dabbled into the coal industry since 1989. Being involved in almost the full coal supply chain, just short of being a producer for an end user, Ramli is extremely experienced in coal mining, operations, logistics and marketing to end-users both domestically and internationally.

Mason Wallick, Managing Director, Infunde Capital, Singapore
Investor and advisor, Mason Wallick has over 17 years advisory experience in energy and power and is recognised for his experience in project development, investment and financing.

We hope to see you there for this and a host of critical industry topics led by the region’s leading power experts.


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