Meralco: Taking the digital path to a future utility model

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Economic growth, demographic changes and evolving consumer needs all necessitate adaptations in business models, whatever line of business you might be in.

With regards to power, utilities are now awakening to the possibilities of the digital and IT revolution to enhance services and efficiency. But there remains much innovation needed to bring these large – often monopolistic – companies into the modern, competitive world.

At Power & Electricity World Philippines 2016, we are privileged to have Gavin Barfield share with us emerging technology trends and their effect on the electricity industry globally, the new generation of digitally enabled customers and employees and how utilities are responding to disruptive technologies that threaten traditional business models.

As Chief Technology Advisor for Meralco, the Philippines’ largest power distributor, Gavin is responsible for the company’s corporate information technology, corporate technology strategy (IT and OT) and project management functions.  In addition, Gavin acts as an advisor on a number of market and industry issues and sits on the Meralco Management Committee.

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