Distributed generation: A means for developing Southeast Asia to leapfrog developed markets?

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Distributed energy is increasingly being explored as a means to bring electricity to the masses with greater efficiency. For archipelago or ruralised nations such as those in South East Asia the potential benefits are enormous.

We have a particular focus on this theme at Power & Electricity World Asia 2016:

Tri Mumpuni, Executive Director and Founder, IBEKA Foundation, will be joining the panel on: “Finding innovative solutions to address energy poverty and improve remote energy access”. Ms Tri Mumpuni has dedicated her life to bringing change to rural communities. To ensure sustainability she focuses on community-owned systems wherein members can influence decisions on design and operation, and develop the rural programs that will benefit from the generated revenue.

Bret Mattes, Senior Gas & Power Advisor, Pertamina, will be joining the panel on “How and when could geothermal become a viable large-scale solution to supply Southeast Asia’s energy needs?”. Formerly President Director of several geothermal IPPs in Indonesia, Bret Mattes brings a wealth of experience in the geothermal business in Indonesia. Mattes advises on business strategy related to geothermal and gas-fired power developments.

Andrew Harpham, Economist, Frontier Economics, will be speaking on: “The economics of batteries: drivers of adoption and policy implications”. Batteries are seen as the bridge between distributed energy and practical energy use. Andrew brings an economics perspective to the adoption and policy implication of battery use. He will speak on the network benefits of battery storage and the emerging challenge for policy makers and utilities resulting from battery adoption.

Edgare Kerkwijk, Managing Director, Asia Green Capital, will be speaking on “Trapped wind? Unleashing the power of wind in Southeast Asia”. Edgare Kerkwijk brings a wealth of experience in developing and financing renewable energy projects. In a bid to help Indonesia increase its clean-energy supply and stimulate the local economy, Asia Green Capital Partners has recently taken another step in co-developing the first utility-scale wind-power project in South Sulawesi.

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