What can be a realistic fuel mix for a forward-looking Philippines?

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As the Philippines grapples with its power shortages, quick and cost effective solutions are required.

While coal and other fossil fuel projects have traditionally been seen as a means to alleviate the situation, international pressure and a positive commitment from the government to clean-up the energy supply have steered the Philippines towards other sources.

At Power & Electricity World Philippines 2016, we drill down into some of the key themes shaping power generation and its future, including:

  • Potential of distributed energy and renewables to provide power in places where existing power infrastructure does not extend
  • Can natural gas be considered a low-carbon “bridge” fuel or is it simply a continuation of our dependence on fossil fuel
  • Overcoming regulatory hurdles and accessing investments

Highlighting just a few of our leading speakers:

Reynaldo Umali, Chairman, Committee on Energy, House of Representatives, will be participating on the panel “What can be a realistic fuel mix for a forward-looking Philippines?”.

Rufino Bomasang, Chairman, Otto Energy, will be participating on the panel “The role of LNG in the future of the Philippines’ gas-fired power generation”.

Frank Theil, Managing Director of Quezon Power, a coal IPP, will be speaking on the panel “Outlook of coal amidst increasing renewable energy adoption in the Philippines’ future energy landscape”.

Eric Francia, Managing Director, Ayala Corporation & CEO, Ayala Energy & Infrastructure Group, will be participating on the panel “Investment opportunities in the Philippines’ power sector”.

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