Off-grid solar for last mile electrification in the Philippines

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Nearly half of the world’s unelectrified population lives in Asia and in the Philippines alone, there are 16 million people living without reliable access to electricity. Traditionally, diesel gensets have been used to provide power to this community, but in recent years, off-grid solar has been re-shaping the paradigm for last mile electrification. Off-grid solar has improved energy access to 89 million people in Asia and Africa and moved 21 million people to the first rung of the energy ladder.

The Philippine government has targeted to provide power to at least 45,000 households in 2016 and 2017 to reach its 90-percent rural electrification goal.

Just in the last 5 years alone, the off-grid solar sector has seen an impressive growth both in the Philippines and also further afield. Sales of pico-solar products have soared in Asia and the number of off-grid solar manufacturers and have increased sevenfold in the past five years globally. Solar home kits and solar power plants are now providing power to many households without modern energy access in rural areas not connected to the grid.

New business models have also sprung out to make energy access affordable – Pay As You Go programmes, copycat products, new distribution networks and building customer relationships. The list goes on.

With so much going on in the off-grid sector, are you targeting this market?

Join us at The Solar Show Philippines on 24-25 May in Manila, where we will explore some of these challenges of providing power to off-grid communities and strategies to improve last mile electrification. If you have a solution for off-grid electrification, or if you wish to tap on the opportunities of this market, get in touch us now to discuss how you can get involved.

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