Meralco on moving towards decentralisation and digitalisation

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The average customer interacts with their utility for just a mere nine minutes per year. This is indeed a very small window of opportunity for the utility to engage with their customers.

Hence, it is pivotal for utilities to deliver personalised and relevant content to consumers, as well as understand the opportunities for integrating electricity retail billing into more engaging bundled consumer packages.

Building a rapport with customers, boosting acquisition and building brand loyalty can bring about lasting business value, and avoid the ‘death spiral’ where customers flock towards distributed generation and energy storage and affect the utility’s bottom line.

Demand response also provides an opportunity for consumers to play a significant role in operating the electric grid by changing their electricity usage during peak periods in the forms of financial incentives.

Utilities are waking up to how digital and decentralisation can enhance services and efficiency. But there remains much innovation needed to bring these large – often monopolistic – companies into the modern, competitive world.

Gavin BarfieldWe are privileged to have Gavin Barfield, Chief Technology Advisor at Meralco join us once again at Power & Electricity World Philippines on 24 – 25 May 2017 to explore “The future of energy: Moving towards decentralisation and digitalisation”, where he will give us a glimpse into new energy efficiency services, electro mobility and the emergence of sustainable cities. He will also address integrating communication systems into network infrastructure, networking between smart meters, smart grids, smart homes and e-mobility, fostering customer acceptance of smart technologies and ensuring smooth interoperability between different systems. In short, this is one session you don’t want to miss.

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