Meralco on moving towards decentralisation and digitalisation

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The average customer interacts with their utility for just a mere nine minutes per year. This is indeed a very small window of opportunity for the utility to engage with their customers. Hence, it is pivotal for utilities to deliver personalised and relevant content to consumers, as well as understand the opportunities for integrating electricity retail billing into more engaging …

Power Generation

What can be a realistic fuel mix for a forward-looking Philippines?

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As the Philippines grapples with its power shortages, quick and cost effective solutions are required. While coal and other fossil fuel projects have traditionally been seen as a means to alleviate the situation, international pressure and a positive commitment from the government to clean-up the energy supply have steered the Philippines towards other sources. At Power & Electricity World Philippines …

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Allard Nooy, InfraCo Asia on Stimulating greater FDI in the Philippines’ energy sector

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As the Philippines undertakes new power capacity development to keep up with its growing economy, huge amounts of capital will be required to ensure ambitious targets are to be met. Joining us in the keynote line up for Power & Electricity World Philippines 2016 is Allard Nooy, CEO of InfraCo Asia Development. Allard will be sharing insights into “stimulating greater …


Distributed generation: A means for developing Southeast Asia to leapfrog developed markets?

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Distributed energy is increasingly being explored as a means to bring electricity to the masses with greater efficiency. For archipelago or ruralised nations such as those in South East Asia the potential benefits are enormous. We have a particular focus on this theme at Power & Electricity World Asia 2016: Tri Mumpuni, Executive Director and Founder, IBEKA Foundation, will be …

TEDx, Assaad Razzouk

The Paris deal and carbon emissions reduction: How cli-fi technology can reshape ecosystems

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Research and development has generated some exciting new clean technologies. However, in Asia, we are still relying overwhelmingly on fossil fuels to fuel our power needs. Can social, political & business models change to push for greater uptake of clean technology? At Power & Electricity World Asia 2016, we will hear from Lebanese-British clean energy entrepreneur, investor and commentator, Assaad …


Meralco: Taking the digital path to a future utility model

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Economic growth, demographic changes and evolving consumer needs all necessitate adaptations in business models, whatever line of business you might be in. With regards to power, utilities are now awakening to the possibilities of the digital and IT revolution to enhance services and efficiency. But there remains much innovation needed to bring these large – often monopolistic – companies into …


Onsite solar generation – the commercial value of a big, flat roof

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Can the success Walmart or IKEA has in championing a sustainability movement be emulated in the Philippines? Solar panels have begun to appear on the rooftops of many large malls, buildings and factories across the Philippines. This is great news! A tonne of carbon dioxide is offset with every megawatt hour of solar energy produced. It also helps relieve pressure …