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Huawei offer technology insights at Asia Pacific Rail

As we move into the digital age and with increasing needs for increased service reliability, having the sustainable rail communications becomes ever more important. However, there are several challenges that rail operators face in terms of rail communications including:

  • Traditional communications networks supporting train signalling are struggling to keep up with current operations demands. With unstable transmissions, vulnerability to interference, limited and short coverage wi-fi technologies, they are hindering operations efficiencies
  • While the industry is exploring large-scale implementations of ICT technologies to further develop its systems to enable centralized dispatch, in high-speed, large-capacity, and for multi-services, they are challenged by remote locations of assets, traditional systems or unreliable connections across the rail network.
  • With cloud-based ceners being an inevitable trend in railway ICT, railway operators are looking to ensure interoperability to enable system interconnection, resource sharing, and linked transport. However, inflexible or independently developed tradition systems limit the ability for system expansions, high-concurrency services and uninterrupted core service delivery.

As the leader for ICT innovation in rail transport sector, Huawei has the solutions to those challenges.

They have helped several railways and metros ensured stable operations through the resolution of these rail communications. Not only did they help to provide sustainable GSM-R, the team has also implemented eLTE technologies in Zhengzhou and completed a successful test of 4G LTE multi-service broadband radio technology based on Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC).

Bringing the Best from Huawei to Asia Pacific Rail

This March 22 & 23, get ready to be blown away by the Huawei Team, our Title Sponsor at  Asia Pacific Rail 2016. Not only will there a keynote session from Norman Frisch, a conference session from Wang Lingyun and a Technology On-floor Seminar from Zhang Yin, there will also be live demonstrations of the latest rail communications technologies, including the Huawei Digital Urban Rail and Digital Railway Solutions. And that’s not all – there will be prizes to be won in the lucky draws too!

Don’t get lost in signal. Stay connected and register for the conference now.

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