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Paving the Future of Rail with T. C. Chew

T C ChewT C Chew is a rail veteran who has seen the ups and downs of the rail industry. With over 40 years of railway and construction industry experience with the last 20 years at senior management level in organisations such as Land Transport Authority Singapore, Bombardier Transportation and MTR Corporation, T C has understands the operations and challenges faced by rail operators, authorities and suppliers.

Now in his new role as the Owner and Managing Director of Chew Transit Consultancy Limited, T C continues to shape the future of rail as he assists leaders worldwide as they break new frontiers.

On where do you think the industry is heading in the next 5-10 years? Challenges and opportunities?

TC thinks that appreciating and assessing the situation within each region and the volume of work that is being pushed though is a key process before the launch of any new projects – Where can the required resources and capabilities be found? While manufacturers and contractors would like to have more opportunities, is it realistic from the operator’s prospective? Can it really be done? Are stakeholder sentiments pushing the project costs up?

It’s all about making sure that everything is planned well, and everyone understands what they are getting themselves into and understand both the labour and resources issues and also the engineering capabilities.

This coming March 22 & 23, don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from one of the leading and wisest rail leaders at Asia Pacific Rail 2016. Join T C as discusses and build the future of rail with the key leaders from the leading operators and authorities in the region.

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T C Chew will be moderating the keynote Rail Leaders’ Panel: Industry game changers and strategic differentiators: The future of rail in the Opening Plenary on Day One. He will also be sharing a keynote on Why from “cradle to death” consideration is so critical to rail project development.

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